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What are the advantages of Beihai pension? Advantages of the most livable city in Beihai

This year, more and more people choose to find a southern city to provide for the elderly after retirement, because the winter in southern cities is much warmer than that in the north. Beihai is one of the most livable cities in many southern coastal cities. So what are the advantages of choosing to provide for the aged in Beihai? What can you enjoy in Beihai? Let's have a look.

What do you think of when you mention the North Sea?

Pleasant climate, silver sand beach, blue sea, delicious seafood, a variety of fruits

What on earth is she waiting for you?

For the elderly, several necessary basic conditions for old-age care can not be reached in many cities now, and air pollution is the first.

The traditional old-age pension model that chooses to grow old slowly in a city can no longer meet the needs of people at present. Now it will be replaced by living in retirement.

No longer rely solely on home-based elderly care, fly south for winter and drift North for summer vacation. Migratory bird elderly care is the latest way for the elderly at present.

'the most suitable city for elderly care '

'where is the best place to provide for the aged'

One belt, one road to city life, is a satisfactory answer to many elderly people. Beihai has fresh air, livable climate, historical and cultural background, and the strategic city of "all along the way".

Beihai, an important departure port of the ancient 'maritime Silk Road', is a famous national historical and cultural city.

Since 2005, Beihai has been continuously selected as one of the 'top ten livable cities in China'. Beibu Gulf, facing Beihai, is rich in marine resources and one of China's' four major fishing grounds'.

The air is fresh and the climate is pleasant

Beihai is located in the south end of Guangxi and the Northeast Bank of Beibu Gulf. It is a beautiful city with subtropical coastal scenery.

Rich tropical landscape, fresh air, high negative ions and pleasant climate are the residential characteristics of Beihai.

The forest area here is 133000 hectares, with a forest coverage rate of 36.3%. The clean sea area and vast forests are constantly supplied with negative oxygen ions called 'longevity element' by the world.

After testing, the content of negative ions in the air of Beihai urban area is about 2500-5000 per cubic centimeter, 50 to 100 times that of mainland cities. Negative ions can play the role of sedation, hypnosis, analgesia, antipruritic, reducing blood pressure, treating bronchial asthma and so on.

In the North Sea, soaking in the air with high concentration of negative ions is equivalent to a place where whole-body treatment and care can be carried out. It is an ideal place for elderly care, rehabilitation and vacation.

Green food natural seafood

Beihai is one of the four major fishing grounds in China. Green food safety has its own characteristics and breeds rich seafood resources. You don't need to worry about whether seafood is fresh here. All seafood is eaten and fished now, so that you can experience what is a real seafood feast.

Delicious roll powder with thin and tough skin, fried snail with coconut fragrance with endless aftertaste, delicious crab powder, refreshing and fresh tropical fruit sand ice, sweet sugar water into the lungs;

There are also fresh seafood from the sea, clams that nourish yin and moisten dryness, diuresis and detumescence, squid that can prevent vascular diseases and gallstones, and Duobao fish that tonify the kidney, strengthen the brain and improve immunity. They are all healthy and delicious from the sea directly into the pot.

Comfortable life and ecological advantages

Beihai has a leisurely life, quiet environment, perfect facilities and convenient transportation. It is the only city in the western region with ports, airports, high-speed railways and highways at the same time.

Silver beach with beautiful ecological scenery and fresh air and national 4A landscape mangrove are good places for your leisure tourism.

Beihai silver beach, with fine white beach and soft waves, is a national tourist resort.

The sea water in the resort is pure, the land vegetation is rich, the environment is elegant and quiet, and the air is particularly fresh.

With the characteristics of 'flat beach, fine white sand, clean water temperature, soft waves and no sharks', it can accommodate the largest beach sports and entertainment projects and marine sports and entertainment projects in the world. It is the most ideal coastal bathing beach and marine sports place in southern China.

In the blue sky of the North Sea, white clouds float past, outlining romantic shapes

Blue sea, swaying fishing boat

Beihai is waiting for you in the old street

The old street on Zhuhai Road is quiet

On the one hand through history, on the other hand through foreign modernity

The scattered arrangement of ancient buildings deduces a different charm in a modern city

Bluestone slabs and low arcades, brick by brick, door by window, tell ancient stories

Beihai is waiting for you with silver beach

Beihai silver beach has the reputation of the first beach in the world

The 24 kilometer coastline is continuous, and the sand is soft and delicate

Beihai is waiting for you with mangroves

Weizhou Island in Beihai

Beihai is waiting for you with guantouling

Beihai is waiting for you with Xingdao lake

Beihai uses Jinsha bay to wait for you

Beihai uses Qiaogang style street to wait for you

Beihai is waiting for you with a modern city

Beihai, wait for you with blue sea and blue sky