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Which of Fangchenggang Beihai is suitable for elderly care? What are the advantages

Which of Beihai and Fangchenggang is more suitable for elderly care? When we buy real estate, what we need to consider most is the pension problem. After all, after a hard and busy life, we always have to find a good place to live a few comfortable days and give ourselves a good holiday. Beihai and Fangchenggang, as coastal cities with many beautiful scenery, have always been the first choice for people to buy houses. Which of these two is more suitable for elderly care? Let's have a look with Xiaobian

Comparison of sea view and customs:

Fangchenggang has the flavor of "maritime city". Its sea view, bay view and mountain view are cleverly combined, fresh and charming.

But from another point of view, Fangchenggang's description of itself is also a kind of helplessness. Because its current urban area does not face the sea - although sea water can be seen everywhere, it is easier to see the coast. As a vast sea, how can the coastline be easily inserted into the field of vision?

The North Sea is completely different -- because the current urban area of the North Sea is a peninsula. On the north bank is Lianzhou Bay, which is much bigger than the bay of Fangchenggang. As for the silver beach in the South and guantouling in the west, they all face the boundless sea and the vast sea.

In terms of sea view alone, the North Sea is atmospheric, thin and unpredictable.

Therefore, both coastal cities and sea view houses, Beihai and Fangchenggang are two completely different styles. Which is better? There is no standard and it is impossible to distinguish between high and low.

Comparison of supporting maturity:

Beihai City construction is relatively early, and the infrastructure is relatively perfect. The supporting facilities in the old urban area have been relatively mature, and the new urban area is also gradually improving. Beihai is a large city with developed commerce and trade. Living here can meet your basic needs. The North Sea is also rich in natural resources. Water resources, marine resources, fruits, oil fields, minerals, forests and other resources are extremely rich. Planting, animal husbandry, forestry and aquatic products (seafood) in the North Sea are developed. The growth rate of industrial development is higher than the average level of the whole country and Guangxi. The development of tourism, culture and education, transportation and trade is also higher than that of Fangcheng port. Colleges and universities are far more than Fangchenggang, which is almost non-existent. There are more scenic spots than Fangchenggang.

Comparison of urban nature:

Beihai and Fangchenggang are both beautiful coastal cities and famous tourist destinations. There are beautiful beaches and intoxicating mangroves. With sufficient sunshine, appropriate temperature, forest and sea, and fresh air, it is a natural oxygen bar. Beihai and Fangchenggang are both famous towns of longevity and one of the destinations of migratory birds.

However, from the perspective of urban nature, Beihai is a tourist and livable city, and Fangchenggang is an industrial border trade city. Fangchenggang has steel plants, nuclear power plants, Jinchuan copper and nickel, and many large enterprises and factories. If you want to choose Fangchenggang for vacation, please avoid these areas.

Comparison of transportation facilities:

Beihai, one of the 14 open coastal cities, has deep-water seaports, airports, high-speed railways and expressways. High speed rail connects Nanning, Kunming, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Changsha and other important cities, the central city of Beibu Gulf and the national famous historical and cultural city. Beihai has an airport, only 26 kilometers away from the urban area. Fangchenggang has no airport, either through Beihai or Nanning. The distance from Fangcheng port to Beihai airport and Nanning Airport is about 160 kilometers. Beihai is adjacent to Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. With the promotion of the construction of Hefei Zhanjiang railway, it will only take more than two minutes for the North Sea to reach Guangzhou in the near future. In terms of water route, there are ships from the North Sea to Hainan, xialongwan, Zhanjiang and other places every day. Fangcheng Port has no airport and passenger terminal, In contrast, Beihai has advantages in transportation, which is more convenient for 'migratory birds' in the north.

Beihai is the same as Hainan in terms of urban nature, 0 industry, and a livable city for migratory birds, mainly for tourism, vacation and winter pension. From the perspective of living environment, Beihai is more livable.

Conclusion: I believe that after reading the above contents, everyone has a general choice in mind. In fact, in contrast, both have their own advantages. If you want to buy a house for the elderly, it is OK, and as a coastal city, the scenery and air quality are useless.