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What are the scenic spots in Fangchenggang? Six scenic spots should not be missed

Fangchenggang is a popular tourist and livable city in recent years. It is located in the southwest of China. It has a unique geographical location, beautiful scenery and livable environment. It is known as the "southwest portal" and "frontier pearl". There are many scenic spots in Fangchenggang. Today, I'll take stock of the six tourist attractions you can't miss. This is a livable city that you don't want to go when you come.

Shangsi Shiwandashan National Forest Park Scenic Spot

Shiwandashan Forest Park is distributed with complete subtropical rain forests in the original state, which can be described as green without mountains, beautiful without peaks, strange without stones and flying springs without water.

There are not only beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful stones, but also fresh air, with more than 1890 plant species. In the forest park, you can enjoy the natural landscape of male, beautiful, strange, dangerous, quiet and open.

The forest area is a primitive hunting ground with overlapping mountains, lush forests and a wide variety of rare wild animals and plants. It is a natural mountain garden with flowers all year round.

Address: Shangsi County, Fangchenggang

Dongxing Jingdao scenic spot

The golden beach stretches for 13 kilometers, integrating fine sand, flat waves, gentle slopes, water heating and no sharks, and has a high content of negative oxygen ions. Visitors can enjoy playing football, surfing and streams, and enjoy the sunshine, beach and sea water given by nature.

The island is shaded by trees, and the folk customs of the Jing nationality are simple and unique.

The charming coastal scenery and unique Beijing style make Jintan exude infinite charm.

Scenic spot address: wanwei Island, Jingdao tourist resort, Dongxing City, Fangchenggang

Dongxing Pingfeng rainforest scenic spot

The streams in the Millennium spring water meander from Luohua mountain, which is more than 900 meters above sea level. The valley bed is made of clean granite in the whole city, washed by Millennium water, and the stones are exposed in their primary color and as red as blood.

With the change of the valley bed, the stream becomes a pool, a bay and a waterfall; Both sides of the Valley Road are surrounded by lush forests and bamboos, dotted with idle flowers in the cliffs, and the head of strange Ivy trees. The scenery changes step by step.

Address: Pingfeng village, Malu Town, Dongxing City, Fangchenggang

Jiangshan Peninsula bailangtan scenic spot

Located in Jiangshan Peninsula, bailangtan is famous for its vast beach and snow-white waves. It is a famous coastal bathing beach in southern China.

The ten mile long beach is as broad as a stone.

The sand is white and black due to titanium ore, which has a unique charm.

Address: Jiangshan Peninsula, Fangcheng District, Fangchenggang City

Fangchenggang Xiwan tourist area

Xiwan is the city card of Fangchenggang, with beautiful coastline and unique customs.

There are Xiwan wharf, xianrenshan Park, egret Park, mangrove ecological wetland and Beibu Gulf marine culture park around the Bay, integrating coastal sightseeing, beach leisure, water sports, cultural experience, urban recreation and other functions.

It can best reflect the characteristics of Fangchenggang's full sea view ecological bay city of "the sea is in the city and the city is in the sea".

Address: Fangchenggang downtown center

Fangchenggang Evergrande Yujing Peninsula

I want to make my life into a poem, accompany the sun and sea breeze, kiss the plants and trees in the garden, stay with relatives and lovers, follow the cycle of the twenty-four solar terms, be not afraid of time, and sing. Evergrande Yujing Peninsula stands on the blue and grows towards the sea to meet all your yearning for life.

Facing the sea, flowers bloom in spring

Living near the sea, the sea is in life, and the blue sea washes away the inner vanity. Living in Evergrande Yujing Peninsula, living with the nourishment of the sea, feeling unlimited customs, broad-minded and wise.

Lake habitat, beautiful garden

The landscape pavilion stands at the flowing water and falling flowers in the park. It is picturesque and poetic. On the lakeside Pavilion, there are tea tasting, scenery appreciation, chess talks, flowers embracing each other, water waves gurgling, and a leisurely mood.

Almighty, Paul Vientiane

Mellow and mature, diversified supporting and integrated life, about 7200 ㎡ style commercial street, including boutique supermarkets, characteristic catering restaurants, bank outlets and pharmacies, reaps the fun of fashion, leisure and convenient shopping.

Quality beautiful house, ideal living place

Create products with humanized design concept to meet more diversified residential needs from spatial planning to functional layout. With a bright and comfortable pattern, you can enjoy a wide balcony and view the scenery from door to door. You can push the window to see the sea every day and have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the four seasons.

Project address: No. 111, Beibu Bay Avenue, Gangkou District, Fangchenggang City