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Where is the freshest seafood in Fangchenggang? Summary of major seafood markets in Fangchenggang

Fangchenggang is a famous coastal city. Of course, coastal cities are places where seafood is produced. Where can Fangchenggang buy fresh and cheap seafood? Fishing boats will go to sea to catch fish, and Fangchenggang City will also hold 'China & middot; At the time of the Beibu Gulf sea opening Festival, there will be all kinds of seafood: green crab, prawns, Laiyu shrimp, oysters, octopus, conch, scallop and Abalone & hellip& hellip;

Major seafood markets in Fangchenggang

Qisha Market

The market is in Qisha Town, port area. There are many people selling seafood in the morning. They are all local seafood. They have just been salvaged from the sea. It really deserves the word "fresh"!

Port Jinhai Market

The market is near the pedestrian street in the port area. In the morning, there are a wide variety of seafood and more dry goods. If you want to buy seafood, you must be early!

Port pearl picking Market

The market is in Dongxing Avenue. A place where locals often buy seafood is usually more seafood in the afternoon~

Fangcheng central market

The market is located in Fangcheng old street. The market is relatively large. You can buy a lot of fresh and cheap seafood if you stroll around it!

Dongxing wanwei farmers' market

The market is in wanwei village, which is close to the golden beach. There are a wide range of seafood. The public can buy seafood and take it to the hotel near the beach for processing. You can eat seafood with the sea breeze

After opening the sea, Fangchenggang seafood can be seen almost everywhere in all markets~