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Can you bargain for a house in Fangchenggang? Bargaining skills for buying new houses in Fangchengga

Now many people will want to invest in sea view houses in coastal cities. Fanggang city is a good choice. Interested friends can learn more about it. For friends who intend to buy Fanggang city new houses, the price must be concerned. So can Fangchenggang new house be bargained? Here Xiaobian can responsibly tell you that you can bargain for a house in Fangchenggang. Next, Xiaobian will introduce some bargaining skills to you. Let's have a look.

Can I bargain for a house in Fangchenggang

1. Subscribe in advance before opening

Usually, the real estate has to go through a process of storing customers before opening, in which there are many opportunities to get discounts. Generally speaking, although the developer has not finally determined the selling price at this time, it will provide a certain discount for the buyers registered in the early stage because it has no bottom in mind about the market.

2. Shop around, listen and see more

When buyers buy a house, they should see more houses and find more intermediaries to compare the market prices of surrounding houses. On the other hand, if the sales personnel are unwilling to reduce the price for you at this time, you can tell that you have seen other buildings and the house price is reasonable. You are hesitating. If the other party is willing to sell the house to you at this time, you will certainly reduce the price again.

In the sales office, you should listen and see more. Don't rush to interrupt the sales staff's conversation with them. You should look at the sand table and model house more and fully understand the house. If you find that the sales staff have something vague, you must get to the bottom and don't take it easily.

3. Introduction to old owners

Looking for an old owner is commonly known as "old with new". If an owner who has bought a house brings another customer to buy a house, the general developer will provide a lot of concessions, provided that the old owner you are looking for is very reliable and will not eat kickbacks behind your back.

Can I bargain for a house in Fangchenggang

4. Group buying

In recent years, some developers are willing to carry out group purchase special sessions, and some real estate websites also organize buyers to see the house collectively, and strive for a certain amount of house purchase discount for buyers. Xiaobian suggests that buyers can ask the real estate consultant in advance whether the target real estate will organize group purchase, or pay attention to whether there is real estate group information on the real estate website. Generally, there will be additional discounts for participating in the real estate group on the real estate website.

5. Preferential high-level contacts

Usually, senior managers such as project managers and sales managers of real estate often have greater preferential approval rights. Therefore, we might as well ask for a discount from such 'high-level people'. Of course, to discount to such people, you must show appropriate purchase enthusiasm, not only show your love for real estate, but also appropriately show the hesitation caused by price factors. In general, many real estate projects have rushed sales tasks before the beginning of the year and the end of the year. Therefore, it will be easier to obtain relevant discounts at this time.

Can I bargain for a house in Fangchenggang

6. Seize the plight of developers and bargain

When developers are in trouble due to housing backlog, poor capital turnover, bank debt collection and other problems, the most effective way is to reduce prices and sell houses to speed up capital turnover. Therefore, this time is naturally a good time to successfully bargain. However, we should also pay attention to the comprehensive evaluation of the actual development ability of developers. Don't let yourself finally buy uncompleted residential flats because of greed for small bargains.

7. Lump sum payment

If buyers choose one-time payment, they can bargain with developers, and the discount space is generally controlled within the deposit and loan interest rate difference. Generally speaking, you can get a discount of about 2% - 5% from the salesperson. For property buyers with abundant cash, one-time payment has little impact on them.

8. Buy tail pallets and special rooms

If buyers pay attention to observation, they can find that developers often do some preferential activities, and they are still phased. Generally, there will be discount activities during holidays, opening hours and off-season sales, or special rooms will be launched. In addition, developers often have preferential prices in the late Qing Dynasty. Many people have misunderstandings about weipan house. They think it's a bad house, but it's not. When the sales volume of commercial housing reaches 80%, the developers have made profits, so they generally enter the liquidation and sales stage of the project. At this time, the tail house is often more affordable and easy to negotiate.

The above is Xiaobian's bargaining skills about buying a house in Fangchenggang. For other questions, you can add Xiaobian's wechat or leave a message for details.