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Which is livable, Beihai or Fangchenggang? Which is better, Fangchenggang, Beihai

As a coastal city with beautiful scenery, Fangchenggang and Beihai have the same advantages. Therefore, it also attracts many people to buy houses here, but which place is more suitable for living? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian

Which is livable, Beihai or Fangchenggang

1. Geographical location

Both Beihai and Fangchenggang are located at the southernmost end of Guangxi. They are located in the Beibu Gulf economic circle and the ASEAN economic circle. The two cities are very close, which is a relationship of cooperation and competition. The sea is closer to Guangdong and has advantages in communication with the Pearl River Delta. If you often return to Guangdong, you can choose Beihai. Fangchenggang is located in the core of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. At the same time, it is also at the junction of South China economic circle, southwest economic circle and ASEAN economic circle, and is connected with China's neighbor Vietnam by land and water. It is the only city connected by land and water between China and ASEAN countries, and one of the cleanest coastal waters in China. Its products are exported to America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other places.

2. Traffic

There is an airport in Beihai, which has opened flights to and from major cities in China. The west coastal high-speed railway and Hefei Zhanjiang high-speed railway pass through Beihai. There are 30 bullet trains from Beihai to Nanning every day. It is very convenient to go to Nanning. The highway traffic in the sea is also very developed. There are two expressways and two national highways passing through the territory. There is no air transportation in Fangcheng port, and the railway and highway transportation also lags behind the North Sea. If you go out often, the North Sea is more suitable for you.

3. Develop

Beihai City construction is relatively early, and the infrastructure is relatively perfect. The supporting facilities of the old urban area have been relatively mature, and the new urban area is gradually improving. The urban scale of the sea is relatively large, and the commerce and trade are developed. Life here can fully meet your needs of food, clothing, housing and transportation. The marine products are also very rich in resources, marine resources, fruits, oil fields, minerals, forests and other resources. The planting, animal husbandry, forestry and aquatic products (seafood) of the sea are developed, The growth rate of tourism industry is higher than the average level of the whole country and Guangxi. The development of tourism, culture and education, transportation and trade is also higher than that of Fangchenggang. Colleges and universities are far more than Fangchenggang, which is almost non-existent, and there are more scenic spots than Fangchenggang. Fangchenggang was built relatively late. It is not as big as the North Sea in terms of volume and population. If you like quiet, you can come to Fangchenggang.

Conclusion: I believe you have a general understanding of these two places after reading the above contents. In fact, as coastal cities, the scenery of Beihai and Fangchenggang are very beautiful, and the climate is suitable for people to live.