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What are the advantages of Fangchenggang? Advantages of Fangchenggang house purchase

What are the advantages of buying a house in Fangchenggang? If people bought houses in the past to live, but modern people buy houses also have many other functions. Nowadays, many buyers choose to buy a house in Fangchenggang. In addition to the vast sea outside the window, what else attracts buyers in Fangchenggang? What are the advantages of buying a house in Fangchenggang? Let's have a look

[I. fresh air]

Fangchenggang City is located at 107 & deg east longitude; 28~ 108° 36, 20 & deg n; 36~ 22° 22, south of the Tropic of cancer. It is adjacent to Qinzhou City in the East and Beibu Gulf in the south. Dongxing City (county-level city) under its jurisdiction borders Guangning province of Vietnam. It is bounded by Ningming County in the west, Fusui County in the north and Yongning District of Nanning City in the northeast. The mainland coastline is 584 kilometers and the border line is more than 200 kilometers. Fangchenggang is one of the 14 open coastal cities in China and one of the most beautiful coastal cities in China. Fangchenggang is a coastal tourist city on three sides. There is no pollution from heavy industry. Blue sea and blue sky can be seen everywhere. Compared with other cities near the sea, the air at the seaside of Fangchenggang is particularly fresh. When you get up in the morning, open the window, face the sea and feel the breath of the sea, you will have less trouble.

[II. Pleasant climate, clean and clear sea water]

Fangchenggang has a subtropical marine monsoon climate. There is no severe cold in winter and no intense heat in summer. It is really warm in winter and cool in summer. There are abundant sources of temperature, light and rain and a pleasant climate. The annual average temperature is 22.9 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature is 37.1 ℃, and the extreme minimum temperature is 2 ℃. The average annual rainfall is 1670 mm. Many people in the mainland praised Fangchenggang for its clean and clear sea water and soft and delicate beaches. According to Xiaobian, a friend of mainland buyers said: 'after going to so many coastal areas, the sea in the North Sea is clean and comfortable'. Of course, the pure air of Fangchenggang is closely connected with the inherent natural environmental factors.

[III. buying a house in Fangchenggang is equivalent to buying a house in the scenic spot]

There are more than 100 tourist attractions in Fangchenggang, mainly including Jiangshan Peninsula tourist resort, wanwei Jintan tourist resort, Xiwan Wharf (Star scenic spot), Fangchenggang Beilun river source scenic spot (three-star scenic spot), Dongzhong hot spring resort, Fulong Grand Canyon waterfall tourist resort, Zheng Ridong, Lin Junshan's former residence, Chen Jitang's former residence (dongxinghe prefecture), Shen Hongzhou's former residence Wu Jianxiong's former residence, Chen Weizhou's former residence, Liu Yongfu's former residence, Zheng Cuilan's former residence, Lin Qi, Lin's ancestral temple, Liu Yongfu's former residence, Gaolin village ethnic customs, Nanshan, Wuzhishan, Damien reservoir, etc. Historic sites and cultural landscapes include Ma'anshan site, ancient fort site, anti Japanese War martyr cemetery site (Naliang town), Naliang ancient city site, Damien site, anti Japanese War martyr memorial Pavilion, Zhushan ancient house group, Yong'an academy, Minglun academy, gusen academy, Rongchang academy, Shouwen academy, Shulin academy, Qianshou Chen cemetery, Liu Yongfu's mother's tomb Nariang Anti Japanese Uprising Memorial Pavilion, etc.

[IV. strong investment]

Many buyers want to buy a house in Fangchenggang, and now the sea view house is so scarce that one set will be sold less, so the value-added space of sea view house is faster. Coupled with Fangchenggang's unique geographical location and policies and regulations, Fangchenggang sea view house has high investment.

Conclusion: after reading the above Xiaobian's introduction, I believe many friends are a little excited. In fact, when we buy a house, we should not only consider the appreciation value of the house, but also consider the environmental problem. Only with a good environment can we live more comfortable, and only with a comfortable mood, what we pay is more worthwhile.