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Where is Sanya Beihai more suitable for elderly care? Sanya Beihai pension advantage PK

Nowadays, buying a house for the elderly has become a new fashion trend, and the sunset life of the elderly has become colorful. Playing unlimited tricks in a limited life is not empty. Is this life also a pursuit of life? So if you retire, where will you choose to provide for the aged in the great rivers and mountains of the motherland? Which do you prefer, Sanya or Beihai?

Sanya and Beihai are more suitable places to live. It is not said that they are the most suitable. You can make a choice according to your own conditions. In fact, there are not many pension considerations. The prime minister must be temperature, as well as medical treatment, transportation, price and environment, which are basically these main factors. There is also a need to make it clear whether you want to provide for the elderly there or spend the winter there. If you have too much money, you don't have to consider anything.

First of all, the latitude of Sanya and the North Sea is similar, but the temperature is still different. Sanya has a tropical climate. The historical temperature shows that the average temperature of the coldest month in Sanya is about 20 degrees, and winter is the dry season in Sanya. Therefore, there is little rain in winter, and the air humidity is relatively small, which is good for the elderly, Too wet weather is bad for the health of the elderly. In addition, the weather in the north is also relatively dry, so it is more suitable for northerners in Sanya.

The North Sea has a subtropical climate. Historical data show that the lowest average temperature in the coldest month in the North Sea is about 10 degrees, which is also a little low for young people, not to mention the elderly. In addition, the winter rainfall in the North Sea is much higher than that in Sanya, and sometimes it is still cloudy and rainy. Therefore, the weather here is still relatively humid, coupled with the cold air, It's hard for the elderly to bear, but the temperature lasts for a short time. The southerners are fine. The South was originally wetter than the north, so it's suitable for the southerners to provide for the elderly.

Medical treatment is also more important. Sanya's medical treatment has advantages over Beihai. As far as hospitals are concerned, there are three first-class hospitals in Sanya, while there are only two in Beihai. However, in terms of population, the sharing is almost the same. Sanya has a larger population than Beihai. Most hospitals in Sanya have opened non local medical insurance, which is very important for people from different places. In terms of air quality, Sanya is much better than the North Sea. Sanya's air quality is famous all over the country.

In terms of transportation, Hainan is an island, so there are only planes and ships on the land. There are many flights from Sanya's Phoenix Airport to inland cities. Therefore, there are also planes from Sanya to the third tier cities. There are more train trips than the North Sea. However, trains to Sanya are also ships. The speed is not comparable to the North Sea. In the city, As a prefecture level city, Sanya is still very convenient for cars, no worse than Beihai.

The North Sea, which is connected with the mainland, is surrounded by the sea on three sides, so there are still many cars leading to the North Sea, which has an advantage over Sanya. However, there are not as many and comprehensive trains and planes as Sanya, and there are not as many aircraft routes and train trips in the North Sea as Sanya. After all, they live there and don't often run to the mainland, So this advantage is meaningless for Sanya.

Another is the price. As a city with relatively developed tourism, Sanya must have higher house prices than the North Sea. There is also the problem of daily consumption. Sanya is on an island. Many things here are transported from the mainland, so the price must be more expensive than the North Sea. In addition, Sanya is greatly affected by typhoons, When there is a typhoon, prices here will soar, which has no advantage over the North Sea.

Beihai has an absolute advantage in price. The first is the price. Because it is not famous in Sanya, the price is much lower than that in Sanya, about one-third of that in Sanya. Due to the relatively developed land transportation, the food here is much lower than that in Sanya. The price here is relatively stable, especially seafood. The seafood in Beihai is lower than that in Sanya or Hainan, This aspect is also very important.

To sum up, I prefer to provide for the aged in Beihai. The price is low and the life is leisurely and comfortable. Moreover, the elderly care market in Sanya is relatively saturated. Beihai is a new choice and opportunity, don't you think? In old age, watching the sunset side by side with people who work together for a lifetime, feeling the wind blowing from the sea and pleasing your body and mind, is it very happy to think about it?