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Why can Beihai become the most livable city in China? These conditions are indispensable!

Now Beihai has become the most suitable city for elderly care in China. Beihai is very suitable for elderly care, but the most important thing for elderly care is the medical conditions. The medical conditions in Beihai also need to develop to the middle and high-end simultaneously. At present, Beihai is developing southward and eastward, and has built a large number of medium and high-end residential areas. Among the house buyers, the elderly and vacation people are the main ones, who have high requirements for medical conditions, and the medical supporting facilities also need to be followed up in time.

1. Beihai has a livable environment

The North Sea is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It has a subtropical marine monsoon climate. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The climate is pleasant. The annual average climate is 22 ℃.

Moreover, the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the North Sea is very high, with a content of 2500-5000 per ml, which is more than twice the average concentration of other key environmental protection cities in China. Therefore, Beihai has the reputation of 'natural oxygen bar'.

2. Beihai has a leisurely pace of life

In Beihai, a coastal city, you can enjoy a slow life and be happy. There are many parks here. You can take a walk and exercise in your spare time. At dusk, enjoy the comfort of the sunset and the rise and fall of the tide.

3. Beihai is rich in tourism resources

The blue sea, blue sky, beach and sunshine you imagine & hellip& hellip; Beihai has it all! The silver light and fine sand of the first beach in the world, the flying tide of mangroves, the deep and thick old street, the thousands of fishing fires in guantouling, and the unique beauty of Weizhou Island & hellip& hellip; They are all good places for leisure travel.

4. Beihai has a variety of delicacies

There are abundant seafood, such as oysters, prawns, sea cucumbers, scallops, groupers, green crabs, mackerels, abalone, shark fins, sand worms, squid, cuttlefish and so on. There are a variety of fruits and a variety of special authentic snacks.

5. The future of the North Sea can be expected

Hellip, the most internationally influential tourist city, China's top ten leisure cities, coastal habitat paradise and the most livable coastal tourist city& hellip; Beihai has won many reputations and important geographical location. It is an important departure port of the ancient 'maritime Silk Road'. It is a famous national historical and cultural city and an important constituent city of the Beibu Gulf. It is located at the junction of South China economic circle, southwest economic circle and ASEAN economic circle, and at the center of the junction of Pan Beibu Gulf economic cooperation region. It is also the only city in Western China with deep-water seaport, all-weather airport, high-speed railway and expressway. The prospects are unlimited.