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Which of the three districts in Beihai is more livable? Seven criteria for selecting high-quality bu

Beihai is a very livable city. When buying a house in Beihai, the first question many people consider is which district to go to. Beihai has three districts and one county, namely Haicheng District, Yinhai District, Tieshangang district and Hepu County. Here are some criteria for the selection of real estate. You will know which district of Beihai is a good real estate after understanding it:

Choose real estate, should not hearsay, must own many real estate to compare, get the best answer.

1. Look at developers

Whether the real estate is good or not, just look at the developers. Such judgment can not be generalized, but it is also practical for market real estate. The developer's development qualification, development strength and the quality of the previous development can be the basis for judgment.

2. Look at building materials

Every developer will develop many projects. The quality of previous projects is both a word of mouth and a reference. The materials selected for different levels of positioning and the quality of houses built are also different. Ask more when buying a house. Don't take it for granted that the brand should use what material, or what material it has always used.

3. Viewing area bitmap

Buyers do their homework and can well judge the location advantages and future value. When looking at the area map, first look at the location of the project from the main road, the location value of the project, whether the transportation is convenient and whether the supporting facilities are complete. Generally, this area bitmap is not in accordance with the actual scale, but reduces the visual distance. Therefore, you must not be careless when looking at the area bitmap.

4. Look at the surrounding facilities

Surrounding facilities are the direct manifestation of life convenience, of which the most important are transportation facilities, medical facilities and education facilities. Especially educational facilities.

5. Look at community planning

The planning of tall real estate community is also very beautiful. High greening, Waterscape, gym, School District, medical treatment, etc., directly improve the quality of life; Ordinary real estate may have nothing. Moreover, community property is also very important. Many aspects of daily life such as safety, cleaning and maintenance are inseparable from good property. Good property is a major representative of real estate quality and cost performance.

6. Look at the price of competitive products

You can also judge the real estate through price comparison, find the competitive real estate of the real estate, the real estate with the same cost performance in different regions, the real estate with different cost performance in the same location, and the same cost performance in the same location. In this way, through the price comparison, you will also have a certain understanding of the positioning of the project, especially the comparison of the real estate in a unified location, and the location of the project will be clear at a glance.

7. Look at the house type

Generally speaking, the north and South are the most comfortable, followed by the pure South house type. However, we should also look at the overall plan to determine the indoor ventilation effect. The house type should be square and upright. Don't choose the missing angle. The pistol house type is not good either in Feng Shui or comfort.

Beihai is located in the Beibu Gulf. Because of its rich marine resources and superior geographical location, it has been strongly supported by national policies. At present, buying a house in Beihai kills two birds with one stone is not only a promising investment, but also a perfect resort for yourself. What are you hesitating about? Welcome to Beihai!