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Which district of Beihai is good for outsiders to buy a house? Essential introduction to buying a ho

More and more foreigners choose to buy houses in Beihai. The real estate market in Beihai is mainly for export, and 80% of the houses are purchased by outsiders. The reason why so many outsiders buy houses in the Beihai is that the Beihai has outstanding geographical advantages. It is located at the junction of the South China economic circle, the southwest economic circle and the ASEAN economic circle. It is in the center of the junction of the Pan Beibu Gulf economic cooperation region. It is the only coastal city in Western China listed in the first batch of 14 further opening-up coastal cities in China. Buying a house in Beihai is also a good investment. With the rise of the future development of Beihai, house prices are bound to rise rapidly. So how to choose to buy a house in Beihai? Where to buy a house in Beihai? This article brings you the introduction of 7 large areas of Beihai. Let's have a look.

In the overall urban planning for 2013-2030, the main central urban area of Beihai is divided into seven large areas: Railway North, railway south, Yintan East, Gaode, Chengbei, Pingyang and bamboo forest according to function and space. Each area has its own characteristics and the situation is completely different.

1. Chengbei area: it is positioned as an industrial park and may be integrated with Hepu industrial zone to become a larger industrial park in the future. On the whole, there are many factories and enterprises in the north of the city, there are few businesses in the community, the supporting facilities for daily life are not very perfect, and the house price is not high. It is suitable for people working in this area to buy houses.

2. Pingyang area: it is mainly agriculture, with most villages and towns. Its overall development is relatively backward, which is the worse of the seven areas.

3. Zhulin area: it mainly focuses on Marine Science and technology. Although it is a scientific research center, it has not yet formed a scale and output value, and marine science and technology is still under construction. As a traditional fishing village, like Pingyang District, Zhulin district has no commercial real estate projects.

4. Gaode District: located between the suburbs, it has resources, popularity, supporting facilities, convenient transportation and great development space. Recently, the government has frequently expropriated land in Gaode, and this area may soon enter the substantive development stage. Buying a house here has relatively high potential.

5. Yintan east area: it is a key area integrating politics, culture and tourism. CITIC Guoan Beihai first city is the highlight of this area. The whole area is currently under development. To the East is the bamboo forest area where the marine industry science and technology park is located. The east area of Yintan may become the residence of scientific researchers and intellectuals. At present, there is only one project of CITIC Guoan Beihai first city. People with abundant funds have requirements for the overall living environment. They hope to talk and laugh with Hongru and no baiding. They can choose here for small stay and vacation.

6. North Railway Area: as an old urban area, with mature and complete living facilities, it is a more livable area in Beihai.

7. South Railway Area: it is a rapidly developing area in the North Sea and has the advantages of the north railway area. In particular, Yintan district has sunshine, sea breeze and beach, seafood, golf course, hotel group and guantouling scenery. It is a good choice to really enjoy coastal life.

Generally speaking, the South and north areas of Beihai railway are relatively mature, which are suitable for living, work and winter pension. Then, let Xiaobian lead you to see what livable buildings are in these two areas!