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Is Beihai suitable for elderly care? How about the air quality in the North Sea

With the development of today's society, many people pay more and more attention to healthy living and health preservation, especially some old people. They pay special attention to the life of the elderly. Therefore, every year, many old people go to the south for vacation and pension to avoid the cold weather in the north. The North Sea is what many old people want. Is it cold in winter in the North Sea? Is it suitable for elderly care?

Is Beihai suitable for elderly care? Is Guangxi Beihai suitable for elderly care?

Is Beihai suitable for elderly care? Is Guangxi Beihai suitable for elderly care? To be fair, Beihai is a medium-sized ordinary city. In terms of living supporting conditions and urban traffic conditions alone, it must not be compared with the first tier cities.

But in terms of climate conditions, it is really a suitable place to live. Beihai is located in the south end of Guangxi and the Northeast Bank of Beibu Gulf. It is a beautiful city with subtropical coastal scenery. Rich tropical landscape, fresh air, high negative ions and pleasant climate are the residential characteristics of Beihai.

The average temperature here is more than ten degrees in winter, and the time to feel cold lasts for more than a month at most (for local people, even if it is cold below 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature reaches below zero is very rare), and there will not be a very hot feeling in summer (compared with other cities), and the sea breeze will bring some coolness to people.

Spring and autumn are not obvious. From the perspective of climate conditions, winter is more suitable for leisure vacation. Now many old people choose to become 'migratory birds' and come to Beihai for winter every winter. It is said that the air full of high concentrations of negative ions here has effectively alleviated the stubborn diseases of many old people.

Is Beihai City in Guangxi suitable for the elderly?

Climate: the coldest is around January, with a temperature of more than ten degrees, which is much better than minus zero in the north.

What is the level of air quality in the North Sea?

Compare it with Beijing.

In 2018, Beijing had 227 days of excellent air quality (343 days in the North Sea), the average concentration of PM2.5 was 51 μ g / m3 (27 in the North Sea), and the average concentration of PM10 was 78 μ g / m3 (46 in the North Sea) - according to such data, Beijing's air quality level barely exceeded half that of the North Sea.

There is no doubt that the air quality of the North Sea is genuine and ranks among the top in the country. As a southern city facing three seas, the power of air self purification is unparalleled. This is the luck of Beihai, which is specially favored by God.

There are two kinds of winter in the North Sea. One is a sunny day without north wind and rain, and the other is a cloudy day with north wind or rain. If there is no rain or north wind, the general temperature is more than 20 degrees. This weather is not cold. For example, we wear short sleeves during the Spring Festival. However, if the north wind blows and there is a light rain, the temperature may reach about 67 degrees. At that time, the North Sea is the coldest time. Generally, you should wear cotton padded jacket or down jacket, and your hands and feet will obviously feel frozen.