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How to play in Changyu cave? Overview of the most complete introduction to Dongtian tourism in Chang

In recent years, many people like to travel to grottoes. There are also many Grottoes in Zhejiang, such as Longyou grottoes, Wushan grottoes, Changyu cave, etc. Among them, Changyu Dongtian can be said to be the most famous grottoes, attracting many tourists. So, how to play the best in Changyu Dongtian?

Changyu Dongtian, located in Wenling City, the famous "hometown of slate" in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, is located in the remaining vein of North Yandang Mountain, with an altitude of about 150 meters. It winds and fluctuates across the land like a long and narrow island. Therefore, it is named "Changyu" and "Changyu Dongtian" because a large number of caves have been found here. It is the only 4A scenic spot in Wenling.

Speaking of the history of Changyu Dongtian, it can be traced back to the northern and Southern Dynasties, with a history of more than 1500 years. Because Changyu Dongtian is located in a volcano, it has erupted in history, and the volcanic rocks left after the eruption are loose and easy to mine, so people at that time mined stone slabs here, gradually forming the landscape we see now, Wenling is known as the "hometown of slate", which should also be inextricably linked with here.

Despite incomplete statistics, there are 16 cave groups and 1314 caves of different shapes and sizes distributed in Changyu Dongtian scenic spot. There are holes in the caves and scenery in the caves, making Changyu Dongtian a unique scenic spot and one of the most famous scenic spots in Wenling. Someone once praised Changyu Dongtian: "although it is made by man, it looks like heaven.".

When it comes to 'Changyu Dongtian', the word 'Dongtian' makes many people wonder. When we type, we give priority to 'Dongtian' rather than 'Dongtian'. What is the difference between the two words? Generally speaking, caves with water or more water elements use 'caves', while Changyu cave days are mainly stone, so it is natural to use' caves' instead of 'caves'.

The scale of Dongtian scenic spot in Changyu is very large. Here you can feel the essence of the unique Chinese stone culture in the world. Of course, you can feel the profound wisdom of the people who opened mountains and quarries at that time. If you go to the scenic spot, Baxianyan, shuangmen cave, Guanxi cave, Shuiyun cave and Lingxiao cave are all worth visiting.

Among them, the largest cave is Guanxi cave, which contains more than 300 caves. Here, you can also hear the unique cave music performance in China. The music floats on the rock wall. No matter which corner of the cave, you can hear the beautiful three-dimensional sound.

The whole cave can accommodate more than 700 people at the same time. It is said that there has also been a concert performance of "voice of the Rhine" and "China's first cave Concert Hall" ​ Musicians and tourists from all over the world gather here to listen to the pleasant sound of 'nature'.

In addition to visiting the caves, you can also climb to the top of the mountain platform. On it, there are small pavilions for tourists to rest. The surrounding trees are staggered, the branches and leaves are lush, and the natural scenery is very beautiful&# 8203; However, although the beautiful scenery of the Changyu cave is often make complaints about the price of tickets, the price of a ticket for a national 4A scenic spot is 120 yuan, which is indeed a bit high. After all, many 5A scenic spots are free.