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Mudanjiang snow village, which month is the best? Take the necessary guide for traveling in Xuexiang

Now many places are beginning to have heavy snow, and the snow viewing army has set off one after another. As a domestic snow viewing resort, snow township is favored by many people. Then, what month does it snow in Mudanjiang snow Township? When is the best time to go to Xuexiang?

It snows in Mudanjiang snow village in February

Since October, Xuexiang has entered the snow period. Basically, it has been slowly snowed since November. In December, the snow is very late, and Xuexiang has entered the best snow viewing period. In December, you can see the spectacular snow scenery with all things white and extremely thick snow layer. In most cases, the snow in Xuexiang will last for seven months. When the weather in Xuexiang is warm in May of the next year, it won't snow.

When is the best time to go to Xuexiang

The best time to go to Xuexiang is from late December to early March. The advantage of going to Xuexiang in late December is that the snow falls newly, there are not too many traces of trampling, and the sunshine is inclined, which is more suitable for taking photos; If you go in March, the temperature should be a little warmer. There are advantages and disadvantages. The Spring Festival is the peak period. Try to avoid it. If you don't book accommodation in advance, you will have to sleep on the living room floor of a family hotel.

Generally speaking, the snow in the snow village is thick now. Friends who want to enjoy the snow can go now. When you go, you must bring enough warm clothes to avoid frostbite due to too low temperature.