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Where is the best place to play in Copenhagen? Inventory of the most worthwhile tourist attractions

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It has unique Nordic buildings. Many people travel to this city every year. The urban residents here are full of mild character and quality. The municipal construction is very perfect. Although it looks a little old and full of exotic style, do you know what interesting places are in Copenhagen?

1. Den Nye havn Newport

Price: Free

Address: Nyhavn 1-71, 1051 K & Oslash; benhavn
 Arrival mode: buses No. 1a, 15, 26 and 66 get off at Nyhavn station; You can also walk from the Royal Palace of amelin castle&# 8232; Metro to kongens Nytorv station 
 In the colorful buildings near the Newport canal, the former residents include many ballet artists, poets and writers. The most famous of them should be the fairy tale Andersen, who once lived in houses No. 20, 67 and 18 respectively. The pedestrian street of Xingang is very short. At the end of the westernmost, it is a huge iron anchor.

2. The little mermaid sculpture

Address: Free

Address: langelinie 19, K & Oslash; benhavn
 Arrival mode: take train or bus No. 12 at & Oslash; Get off sterport and walk for 5 minutes&# 8232; Out of castellate castle, I saw more and more tourist buses. No doubt, they were all for the little mermaid; There is almost no need to use navigation. Walking towards the place where the bus stops, you can see the little mermaid surrounded by thousands. Tourists from all over the world must take photos and take group photos, just like an international superstar.

3、Rå Dhuspladsen City Hall Square

Address: City Hall Square 1599, Copenhagen, Denmark

City Hall Square is the oldest commercial square in Copenhagen, with a history of more than 800 years. The center of the square is the city hall. On the left side of the main gate of the city hall is a bronze statue of Andersen, the great Danish fairy tale writer. Behind the city hall square is the pedestrian street. There are both flagship stores of large brands and popular civilian stores. Tourists can shop or eat here.

4. Amalienborg slot

Price: 105 kroner for adults, 70 kroner for students with student ID card, free under the age of 17

Address: Amalienborg slotsplads, 1015 K & Oslash; benhavn K
 Arrival mode: buses 1a and 26 are at odd fellow pal & aelig; Et get off and walk for 5 minutes, 
 At 12 o'clock every day, there is a large-scale soldiers' post changing ceremony with music on the square. If you don't catch up with 12 o'clock, you can only see a relatively small-scale post changing ceremony at other whole points.

5. Frederiks kirke Frederick Church

Price: Free

Address: frederiksgade 41265 K & Oslash; benhavn
 Arrival mode: buses 1a and 26 are at odd fellow pal & aelig; Et get off and walk for 5 minutes, 
 Due to the extensive use of marble during construction, it is named 'Marble Church', which is a rare dome church in Denmark. In appearance, the Marble Church is very prominent; When you walk in, you will find that although there are many people, it is very quiet.