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How many food cities have you been to?

Now many people like to travel. The most important thing to miss when traveling is the local food. There are too many food capitals in China. It is estimated that you can't eat all your life. There are also a lot of food in these cities. If you like friends, you can slowly make food strategies. Each kind of food makes you salivate. So, what are the gourmet capitals in China?

Which city has the most delicious snacks


When it comes to Shantou, the gourmet capital, the first food to think of is beef hot pot and beef balls. Chaoshan people like beef hot pot so much that they are slaughtered and sold now. The knife for cutting beef is very exquisite. We can't miss the marinated flavor of Chaoshan, including marinated pork, pig feet, pig intestines, goose liver, etc. Seafood is not inferior. Seafood stalls are almost full, including shrimp, salt and pepper nine bellied fish, cuttlefish cake... Everything makes people reluctant to leave.


In addition to various historical sites, delicious food is also a highlight to attract tourists. Pasta in Xi'an is very delicious. Saozi noodles, trouser belt noodles, biangbiang noodles... In addition to pasta, you can also choose some other delicacies in Huimin Street: soup dumplings, mirror cakes, meat steamed bun, instant beef tripe, cold skin with sesame sauce, mutton in water basin... It is unique and has its own taste, You can't make mistakes by choosing any one at will! Coming to Xi'an must be a choice you don't regret!


Changsha is a city with a high happiness index. Of course, the reason must be food! Fragrant stinky tofu, crisp and soft oil Baba, spicy snails, shrimp with the taste of night snack, sauce and salted duck with delicious skin and meat... There is no doubt that this is a blessed place to eat. Don't expect to lose weight!


Xinjiang not only has many beautiful scenery, but also has many delicious foods. You may know hand-made rice, mutton kebabs and large plate chicken, but Xinjiang's delicious food is far more than these. Roasted whole sheep, milk pimples, local hot pot, Nang wrapped meat, roasted steamed stuffed buns, small oil bags, noodles and horse intestines make people salivate. Sweet fruits make people reluctant to leave when they come.