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What's the best month to go skiing in Japan? If you miss the five ski resorts in Japan, you have to

Now it can be said that it has snowed in many places. At this time, you might as well travel to Japan! You know, Japan not only has many ski resorts, but also many places to soak in hot springs. So, what's the best month to go skiing in Japan? Where is the most convenient place to go?

The skiing season in Japan usually starts in December. Although the situation varies greatly from place to place, January to February is the national peak, which starts to get hot in March and ends in early April.

Where do you recommend skiing in Japan?

Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Slopes

This is a paradise for skiing enthusiasts. It is recognized as the most 'prosperous' ski resort in Japan and the representative of powdery snow. Transportation: Sapporo new millennium airport hotel has a direct one-way bus (whiteliner), which takes about 3 hours; You can also start from Sapporo Station of JR line and get off at iigu station (2 hours and 40 minutes), then transfer to bus or taxi, and you can arrive at the snow farm in about 20 minutes. The cost is 1500-3000 yen per day for ski clothes and 2000-4000 yen per day for skis and ski shoes.

Furano Ski Resort

Fulianye ski resort has rich and diverse snow trails and fluffy pink snow. It has held world cup alpine skiing competitions for many times. The highest part of the ski resort is about 1209 meters. At the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of fulianye basin and Shisheng Mountain Observatory. Skiing routes are very rich, with various routes for beginners to skiers, exciting forest slides and wild snow sites in the depths of dense forests.

Tibetan king Ski Resort

At the same time, the ski resort with top snow quality and natural hot springs can go to a hot spring to relax after enjoying snow sports.

There are 26 snow trails and more than 40 snow slopes here. Most of the snow trails are wide and tortuous. There are tree ice wonders in the middle of winter. You can walk between tree ice fields during the day and enjoy the ice monster light show at night.

Miaochang ski resort, Niigata, Japan

Taking the longest box type cable car in the world, the sea of Japan brings a lot of snow to Niigata county. Every winter, it is covered with snow and brings many quite good ski resorts. Miaochang ski resort in Niigata County, Japan is a major ski resort in Niigata county. It has up to 4000 meters of snow trails and Miaochang Prince Hotel, which leads directly to the ski resort. The vacation environment is quite comfortable. You can also take the world's longest box cable car for about 25 minutes to Shenle ski resort next door.

Hakuba Happoone Ski Area

Baima bafangweigen ski resort was once one of the venues of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games. It is also a ski resort with high popularity in Nagano area. The landslides here are quite popular with middle and senior skiers. Of course, they also specially prepare low difficulty snow trails for novices. Even beginners can enjoy the beautiful scenery under the route of the black Alps on the snow.