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Which cities are most worth visiting in Myanmar? These four are the best!

Myanmar is a country with very good scenery. Many people travel to this country every year. How many months is the best time to travel to Myanmar? Can I fly to Myanmar? Which cities are more interesting in Myanmar?

Myanmar travel time:

Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate. The whole year is divided into three seasons: cool, dry and rainy. Short sleeves can be used throughout the year, and the annual average temperature is 27 ℃. The best travel time is from October to February of the next year, which belongs to the cool season. The weather is sunny and sunny, which is the best season for travel.

Myanmar travel route:

Most people who go to Myanmar will choose Yangon yinlai Lake Pugan Mandalay. For first-time visitors to Myanmar, Mr. Arun highly recommends this way. The best travel time is controlled within 7-10 days. For people less than 7 days, it is enough to choose yinlai lake, Mandalay and bagan. After visiting these three cities, you can consider whether to go to Yangon, otherwise the journey will be in a hurry. Is there an airport in Myanmar? Which city are Myanmar airports located in?

What are the airports in Myanmar?

There are only two international airports in Myanmar, namely Yangon International Airport in the South and Mandalay International Airport in the middle of Myanmar. You can compare the fares of the two cities in China. Of course, Mr. Arun strongly recommends that you choose Mandalay International Airport first, which is not far from the next stop. Yangon is located in the southernmost part of Myanmar. Yinlai lake, Mandalay and bagan are all above the central part of Myanmar. It is 800 kilometers away from Yangon, and it takes more than 8 hours by car.