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Inventory of places suitable for honeymoon abroad

Now many people get married and like to go out of the country for honeymoon, while many people like to get married near the new year. The new year plus marriage is a very festive time. Then, where should we go for honeymoon after marriage?

1. Maldives

It is said that Maldives is a typical representative of island vacation. It is undeniable that many newlyweds also choose it as their honeymoon destination, which shows how important it is in the island. The form of one island and one hotel here makes the island very clean. Dream water house is the most representative first choice for honeymoon, which is very worth experiencing. The blue sea water and groups of colorful tropical fish make us feel the richness and beauty of nature and life.

Recommended tour days: 5 days

2. Saipan

As Saipan Island has only been developed in recent years, it is rarely polluted. There are seven colors of sea water. From May to July every year, the island is in full bloom with fiery red and warm phoenix flowers, which are as beautiful as fairyland. " The world's second 'diving Resort - blue hole has attracted countless diving enthusiasts. Duty free shops on the island often have huge discounts, and many famous products are cheaper than those in Hong Kong. In particular, cosmetics and luxury goods made in the United States are even more 'cabbage prices' here, which makes people who love shopping crazy.

Recommended tour days: 6 days

3. Seychelles

Although Seychelles is not as famous as the first two, its scenery is not inferior. The scenery of Seychelles is' exaggerated ', the sky is not polluted at all, and the blue is exaggerated; The water is also exaggerated and clear, with a sense of hierarchy at a glance; The exuberant and lush trees show its tenacious vitality; The sand on the beach is exaggerated and delicate, which is called flour beach; Flowers are also exaggerated and gorgeous, and the flowers are big; There are so many kinds of animals that you have never seen or heard of. Here, a casual shot is a big picture. Specific scenic spots include ladig Island, bird island, Pulan island and Mae Island, etc.

Recommended tour days: 8 days

4. Tahiti

Tahiti has many nicknames, such as' paradise on earth ',' world Paradise ',' pearl on the Pacific Ocean ',' island of love ', etc. It is among the top 12 Island indicators in the world, worthy of the title of its top island. The island is covered with green grass and beautiful mountains and rivers. There are all kinds of mangoes, coconut trees, palm trees, avocado trees, bread trees, banana trees, pandanus trees and papaya trees. There is a steady stream of delicious tropical fruits. The specialty is pearl. " Skates' intimate dating 'and' dancing with sharks' are all features here. The resort hotels here are very distinctive, and the most famous one is bloody mary.

Recommended tour days: 7 days