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Where is Jeju Island? Recommendation of three must play scenic spots in Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a popular island. Many people travel to this island every year. Then, where is Jeju Island? In which country? Jeju Island, the largest island in South Korea, is located in the southwest sea area of South Korea. Jeju Island must be a romantic city in the hearts of many people. In such a beautiful place, there must be many love and warm stories. What scenic spots should Jeju Island go to?

Trikeye triai 3D Art Museum, Jeju

Jeju trikeye trikeye 3D art museum was opened by Korea trikeye Art Museum Co., Ltd. in January 2013. It is the third branch of Seoul trikeye trikeye 3D Art Museum loved by tourists at home and abroad. Seoul pavilion was once the location shooting place of I am a great beauty hosted by he Jiong, the TV drama emperor starring Cui Shiyuan, when men fall in love starring Shen Shijing, the Thai version of romance full house, and the TV dramas starring Jin Xiuxian and Zhao Quan. At the same time, it is also loved by celebrities at home and abroad such as Zhong Xintong and Thai princess!

Covering an area of about 2100 square meters, Jeju triai is composed of six theme areas: three-dimensional painting Museum, Lumi Art Museum, wrong vision space, water mirror maze, digital art and cut out art. All works are planned and created by treai factory under treai Art Museum Co., Ltd., which fully reflects the diversity and creativity of Korean art.

Opening hours: 09:00-18:00

Admission: adult: 12000

Children: 10000

Sunrise Peak

The place where the mountains and seas in the east of Jeju are connected looks like a huge city Guo, so it is called 'Chengshan'. The sunrise here is spectacular and is known as the first scene of Yingzhou (Yingzhou is the name of Jeju in ancient times). The sunrise peak of Chengshan mountain is one of the most frequently visited scenic spots by Chinese team tourists. When climbing Chengshan mountain in spring and summer, the green everywhere has a fresh feeling. Many people wonder what the top of the mountain is. In fact, it is a fire vent covered with green vegetation. In addition, there will be sea girl performances at the foot of the City mountain, but they are all symbolic performances.

The sunrise peak of Chengshan mountain was designated as a local natural monument on July 19, 2000 and as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO in 2007.

Address: 114, Chengyi mountain, Guipu City, West Jeju Road

Take No. 111 or 112 at Jeju long distance bus station to get off at the entrance of Chengshan sunrise peak.

Opening hours: Winter: 1 hour before sunrise - 20:00 summer: 1 hour before sunrise - 21:00

Admission: 5000 won / adult; 2500 won / youth and children

Chinese tourist area of Jeju Island

The Chinese tourist area is not because it can speak Chinese, but because the original name of this area translates into 'Chinese'. The columnar joint zone on the east coast of the Chinese tourist area is like a carefully carved hexagonal stone column; Chinese beach is a space where the beach and strange rock cliffs are integrated. There are also Meidi botanical garden, Tiandiyuan waterfall, Chinese golf course, Teddy Bear Museum and believe it or not. There are many hotels in the Chinese area. You can visit any hotel, including Xinluo Hotel, Lotte Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, West Yates Hotel and so on. The garden of each hotel is a good place for pose photos.