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Which province is Wudang Mountain in? The best route for climbing Wudang Mountain

Wudang Mountain, everyone should have heard of this place. Even if they have not been there, they should have heard of this name in TV dramas or martial arts novels. This is a holy land of Taoism. Zhang Sanfeng, the Tai Chi we knew before, is the most prominent representative of Wudang Mountain. So, do you know which province Wudang Mountain is in? How do you go to Wudang Mountain?

Which province is Wudang Mountain in

Wudang Mountain is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Wudang Mountain has the reputation of "the first fairy mountain in the world" and is also a famous Taoist Holy Land in China. It is the place where Zhenwu emperor's cultivation soared in Taoism. There are many ancient buildings and temples here. It is one of the scenic spots that must be visited when traveling to Hubei.

Wudang Mountain tourist route

Sightseeing bus to Qiongtai - Jinding - Qiongtai - take bus to Prince slope - take bus to Nanyan palace and Zixiao Palace - go down the mountain to visit lunjian Wudang shopping plaza.

For mountaineers with good health, it is recommended to take a bus to Wuya mountain and walk - thor Cave - Nanyan - feisheng cliff - Tianyi bridge - Wudang welcoming pine - monkey face - langmei temple - seven star tree - Huanglong Cave - Chaotian Palace - Golden Hall. When you go down the mountain, you don't have to look at 'monkey face' anymore. You can go from langmei temple to crow ridge. It is suggested to prepare a flashlight to have fun.