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Where can I go for a hot spring in Liancheng, Fujian? It is the first choice for hot springs in Lian

* * every time we mention Fujian Liancheng, the first thing we think of is Guan Zhi Shan. In fact, apart from the famous Guan Shan Scenic spot outside the reputation, Liancheng's hot spring is also worth learning. It can be said to be a big sign attracting tourists in winter. When traveling in Liancheng, you must go to Liancheng Tianyi hot spring resort to take a good soak in the hot spring and relieve your fatigue. This is the best reward for yourself.

The Tianyi hot spring resort to be introduced today is located in Tangtou natural village, Wenheng Town, Liancheng County, Longyan City, Fujian Province. The geographical conditions are superior. It is 5km away from the highway intersection and 7km away from the airport. The transportation is very convenient. Although this small village surrounded by mountains is small, it is very rich in hot spring resources. It is the largest forest hot spring in Fujian Province.

Moreover, Tianyi hot spring is the first large-scale semi open-air hot spring with the theme of 'Hakka culture' in Fujian. The pavilions, green bricks and grey tiles, cornices and carved dragon paintings in the park highlight the rich Hakka cultural style. In addition, the resort also provides a variety of local Hakka cuisine. After soaking in the hot spring and having a full meal, there is nothing more pleasant than this.

The most exciting thing about Liancheng Tianyi hot spring is that the hot spring here belongs to a typical high-quality medical metasilicic acid sodium carbonate hot spring; The content of fluorine ion is more than 10mg / L and the content of metasilicic acid is more than 100mg / L. it is sodium bicarbonate medical hot mineral water with low mineralization, weak alkalinity, high fluorine and high metasilicic acid. Colorless, tasteless, clear and transparent, rich in various trace elements, it is one of the four medical high-quality warm mineral springs in China.

Therefore, taking a dip in Tianyi hot spring is very effective for health and skin beauty. It is suitable for all ages. Whether it is for middle-aged and elderly people who need health preservation or women who love beauty, Tianyi hot spring is very attractive.

Soak in the warm hot spring water and face the beautiful scenery around. At this moment, even if the outside world is noisy, it has nothing to do with you. You just need to enjoy it quietly.