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What are the specialties of Bengbu, Anhui?

Huangshan and pearl are the most famous in Anhui. Bengbu is known as the "Pearl City" because it is "the place of Pearl picking in ancient times", which means that there are many pearls here. Now there are not only pearls, but also many other characteristic products here. Come and see what Bengbu's specialties are!

What are Bengbu's specialties?

Du Guangxing salted duck

Du Guangxing salted duck is a traditional famous dish in Bengbu, Anhui Province. It has a very long history. Its production process is very fine. It is processed with local self-supporting fat and tender ducks and made with traditional production methods. The salted duck is mellow and delicious.

Hugou baked cake

Hugou baked cake is a traditional famous food in Bengbu, Anhui Province, with a long history. The surname Huang of the baked cake family in Hugou town is an ancestral craft, which has been extended for many generations. Hugou baked cake is made from wheat flour and sesame through multiple processes. The baked pancakes, looking at the sun, are transparent and shiny. The skin is crab yellow as a whole and sesame yellow as bright as gold. It's not greasy and greasy. It's rotten when chewed a little. It's crisp outside and tender inside. It tastes very beautiful.

Bengbu imperial concubine apricot

Imperial concubine apricot is produced in the sandy area along the Yellow River in Bengbu City. The peel and pulp of imperial concubine apricot are orange yellow. There is a blush on the Chaoyang face. The meat is fine and Tao, without fiber, juicy, sweet and sour, palatable, and fragrant. It is suitable for fresh food. It can also be processed into preserved fruit or sugar water cans. The fruit core tastes slightly sweet and can be eaten or used as medicine. When General Secretary Jiang Zemin inspected Lingbao in June 1999, he tasted the imperial concubine apricot and praised it for its "excellent taste".

In addition, Bengbu's specialties include tea smoked chicken, Hugou baked cake, baked cake with ridge, Guzhen stone carved teapot, Bengbu jade carving, flute membrane, Bengbu pearl, Huaiyuan bailianpo Gongmi, auspicious cake, Bengbu pan silk cake, etc. if you want to know more about Bengbu's specialties, go to Bengbu!