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Greece is the most recommended tourist attraction

Speaking of Greece, everyone should know this city! Greece has a very long cultural heritage. In the past, many people knew that Greece was a country mostly in fairy tales, but the scenery of Greece was very beautiful and charming. So what are the attractions worth visiting in Greece?

Santorini Santorini

Santorini Island is the brightest pearl in the Aegean Sea. Most of the classic Greek white and blue pictures we usually see come from here!

The cliff town of ferra

Ferra is the capital and the busiest town of Santorini. It is located in the middle of Santorini Island. It has the most beautiful sea view of the island. At the same time, it is also the best place to watch the volcano. The houses in the town are mostly white, built on volcanic cliffs, with scattered heights and layers connected, and dotted with blue roof churches, forming a unique urban landscape.

The most famous black beach in Perissa

Perissa is the most beautiful beach in Santorini. It is located on the southeast coast of the island. The sand on the beach is black volcanic stone. The unique volcanic geology creates a unique black beach.

Mythical Red Beach

The red sand here is a sedimentary weathered rock that is soaked in seawater after volcanic eruption, constantly surging during submarine crustal movement and protruding after earthquake, and then continuously slides into the sea and is washed into purple pebbles by seawater.

Athens Athens

Athens, named after the goddess of wisdom Athena, is the capital of Greece and the largest city in Greece, with a history of more than 3000 years. It is not only the birthplace of European philosophy, but also retains many historical sites and valuable works of art. It is known as the 'cradle of Western civilization'.

The Acropolis in Athens

It can be said that the city of Athens was built around the Acropolis on the hills. On board this ancient Greek ruins building with a long history, you can not only appreciate the once magnificent temple washed by thousands of years of wind and frost, but also stand at the top of Athens, overlook the whole city and feel the call of history and the unique charm of mythology.

Parthenon Temple

Temple of irichtion

Zakynthos zakinsos Island

It is said that 80% of the overseas locations of the descendants of the sun are on an island called zakinsos.

Shipwreck Bay

Shipwreck Bay is an isolated Bay on the zakinsos islands. It is said to be the most symbolic beach in Greece. It can often be seen on postcards.

In 1983, when the smuggling ship Panagiotis was transporting cigarettes, it was chased by the maritime police in bad weather. Unfortunately, it sank into the sea and finally drifted here. The place has been named 'shipwreck Bay' since then.

Mylconos miknos

Miconos Island, 95 kilometers away from Athens, is famous for its three primary colors of blue sky, white house and human flesh. The island is full of blooming triangle plum and snow-white houses. The sky and Aegean Sea are always blue. There are also the famous Greek 'Venice' and rotating windmills. Of course, there are celestial beaches that let people completely return to nature.