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Travel to Jinan instead of Daming Lake. This place is more fun

Whenever you mention interesting scenic spots, the first thing you think of is Daming Lake. In the "huanzhu gege" of that year, "emperor, do you still remember the summer rain lotus on the Bank of Daming Lake", it can be said that it has become popular all over the country. However, during my trip to Jinan, I found that there is a free 5A scenic spot 800 meters away from it, which has higher playability. It is the black dragon pond, which is said to be free.

Compared with Daming Lake, there are few tourists here. It is sandwiched between two famous scenic spots, Daming Lake in the north and Baotu Spring in the south. The two scenic spots attract most of the passenger flow, but make Heilong lake a clean place.

I often feel that the fame of Heilongtan does not match its strength. Like Daming Lake, it is also a national 5A scenic spot, which was declared together with Baotu Spring. Its history can be traced back to the Northern Wei Dynasty and has been favored by dignitaries since ancient times.

According to the notes to the water Sutra: 'the north of Luoshui is Daming Lake & hellip& hellip; This water becomes a clean pool, and there is a guest Pavilion on the pool '. The "clean pool" mentioned in the article is now the Wulongtan, and the "guest Pavilion" is the "ancient calendar Pavilion" in the scenic spot.

At that time, Wulongtan was still a part of Daming Lake, which was separated only after the water level fell. The 'guest Pavilion' is a place for guests to drink tea and chat. Du Fu, the poet saint, once came here and wrote a poem in the pavilion for dinner with Li Beihai: 'the pavilion on the right side of the sea is ancient, and there are many famous scholars in Jinan; Yunshan has become popular, and the jade pendant is still a song '.

Time has passed thousands of years. The 'guest Pavilion' at that time no longer exists. I have been looking for it for a long time and only found the old site of the 'ancient calendar Pavilion'.

A bluestone monument is in a corner. There are neither tourists nor documents, so it is cold. I can't help feeling sorry. If the old Pavilion in the scenic spot is rebuilt and publicized, its reputation should be no worse than that of Baotu Spring.

Like other famous springs, Wulongtan seems to have more praying effect. It is said that in case of drought, praying for rain will be answered. Later generations built Wufang dragon gods here and renamed Wulongtan.

As one of the four spring groups in Jinan, there are 26 Famous Springs in Wulongtan, and the gushing Koizumi holes can be seen everywhere in the park. The spring water gathers into countless streams, which intersect like a fishing net. It has become a good place for children to play in the water.

There are many play pools in the park. The clear spring water is below the ankle. The children either play with each other with water guns or tread on the water with bare feet. The air is filled with children's laughter. I looked around for a week and found that most of the tourists around were parents with their children, so there was little business atmosphere.

There are not only many springs in Wulongtan, but also the spring with the best water quality in Jinan. The tea is also particularly sweet. It is said that Gui Fu, a famous scholar in the Qing Dynasty, wanted to build a tea house here. Unexpectedly, a spring was dug up halfway, and the spring kept gushing.

Guifu suggested that everyone name it. I didn't know whether the guests were embarrassed or didn't expect a good name. They couldn't decide for a moment. Finally, GUI Fu called it 'seventy-two springs' and wrote a poem praising it: Seventy-two famous springs, not counting five Longtan; For Dr. Lao Suan, raise 73.

I stroll here and feel that the park is beautiful and quiet, just like Baotu Spring. There are many Jiangnan style pavilions, such as langyuan and Tanxi jingshe in the Qing Dynasty. The qulan painting bridge shakes with the wave and reflects into the pond, just like coming to the Suzhou garden.

It is said that the black dragon pond is the residence of Qin Qiong. When the officers and soldiers came to catch Qin Qiong's descendants because they were framed, they fell into the black dragon pond with lightning. Although the legend is a legend, it also adds mystery to the pool. Now there are still stone tablets of Qin Qiong's former residence in the park, which attracts tourists' reverie.

In early winter, there are fewer tourists in Wulongtan, which is quiet and charming. Although the temperature is cold, the spring water is warm, so there is a spectacle of water mist on the lake.

It was supposed to collect tickets. After rectification, it was officially opened free of charge in September this year. Therefore, if there is nothing to do in winter, the whole family can travel here to relax, adults drink tea and enjoy the scenery, and children play in the water to feed fish. It is a great pleasure in life.

Address: Lanshi street, Tianqiao District, Jinan, Shandong, no admission.

Transportation: take bus K5, k59 and k103 and get off at Wulongtan park; You can also walk from Daming Lake scenic spot.