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How much is the ticket of Shenzhen happy valley? Teach you a way to get tickets for free

Speaking of Shenzhen, everyone should know the city! Shenzhen can be said to be particularly prosperous, and there are many interesting scenic spots. Shenzhen happy valley is one of the most famous theme parks in China. There are many colorful amusement projects here. If you don't know where to go when you travel to Shenzhen, come here. At this time, many people will want to know how many tickets to Shenzhen happy valley? Who can get free tickets?

Shenzhen happy valley ticket price

The full ticket of Shenzhen happy valley is 230 yuan, the preferential ticket for summer students is 180 yuan / person, the ticket for children and the elderly is 120 yuan / person, which is suitable for children between 1.2m (excluding 1.2m) - 1.5m (including 1.5m) or the elderly aged 65 (including 65) - 70 (excluding 70). Children should be accompanied by adults with tickets. Half price birthday ticket: 115 yuan / person, only for tourists visiting Happy Valley on their birthday, subject to the date of birth of their ID card. Children should be accompanied by adults with tickets.

Shenzhen happy valley ticket free policy

1. Children under 1.2m (including 1.2m) (under the age of 14);

2. The elderly over 70 years old (including 70 years old) enter the park free of charge with their valid ID card;

3. The preferential measures for holding Shenzhen preferential treatment certificate for the elderly, disabled person certificate and military disability certificate shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of Shenzhen municipal government and the group.