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How can I get from Shenzhen to Changsha? The best route of three-day tour in Changsha

Changsha is a city of delicious food. Many people travel to Changsha every year. Do you know how to go from Shenzhen to Changsha? Is Shenzhen far from Changsha?

It is very convenient for Shenzhen to travel to Changsha, and the distance between the two places is not very far. Especially now it is very convenient to take planes and high-speed railways. The cultural differences between the two places are still obvious. The delicious food and beautiful scenery of Changsha are definitely worth visiting. The round trip between Shenzhen and Changsha high-speed railway is 777 yuan. The home stay is two stops from south high-speed railway station and Metro Line 2.

Day 1: Hunan University - Yuelu Mountain - may day square - Taiping old street

Yang Yuxing of Hunan University snack street gave us a lot of powder. We really eat it well. It's better than sister Si powder restaurant. The environment is also very good, clean and hygienic.

Both doors of Yuelu Mountain play well. If we are at the east gate, we can buy tickets for the cableway up and the slide down. We go from the snack street and can only buy tickets for the cableway down at the west gate. We took the sightseeing bus twice before we took both the cableway and the slide. The student price of the sightseeing bus is 10 yuan, the cableway up is 15 yuan and the slide down is 12.5 yuan. There is no student price on the slide, both are 30 yuan.

The scenery and air of Yuelu Mountain are very good. We didn't go if we didn't find Valentine's lock, Yuelu Academy and aiwan Pavilion, but many places on the mountain have good scenery and are very comfortable.

We went down the mountain at about five o'clock, went to the cooking smoke era, strolled around Taiping old street in the evening and went back to the people's accommodation.

The next day: Pozi Street - IFS national gold center - Huangxing square - Xie Zilong Photography Museum - Li Zijian Art Museum

When I got to Pozi street at about 10:00 in the morning, I saw master Shao when I got off the subway. I bought a Mei Cai Kou meat cake and a big sausage. The cake was average and I didn't like it very much, but the sausage was really delicious and didn't feel like starch intestines. When I looked at the strategy, many people gave the same evaluation to sister Si powder restaurant, but I still went. As a result, I really didn't die until the Yellow River. Don't punch in, Too much is tears.

After eating, I went to IFS to see the two kaws statues. Originally, I was not particularly interested in kaws. When I went to the seventh floor, I found that there were a little more people, so I didn't want to join the fun. I took a few photos in the distance and left. I went to Huangxing square for a walk. After buying tea Yan, I took a taxi to Xie Zilong. The architectural style was very special. I didn't go into the exhibition hall and strolled outside.

Li Zijian was right next to him and went around by the way. The sun was too harsh, so I didn't take any photos. In the evening, I was looking for a restaurant that couldn't be spicy. After looking for a circle, even the boiled rice was spicy. I smelled that the nail powder was very fragrant, so I went in. Finally I ate the non spicy seafood nail powder. I was so moved

Day 3: Orange Island - a lamp

The last day was in Changsha. I wanted to go to the museum. I thought there were many people on Saturday. Finally, I decided to go to Orange Island. There were a lot of people. We took a small train. The students were only 10 yuan at half price. We could get up and down at five stations at will. We could also take a small train back to the starting point at the last station. Orange Island really has a lot of orange trees, and they are all kinds of oranges that can be eaten, I didn't buy tea at the high-speed railway station. I bought two boxes of small cans of tea and got on the high-speed railway.