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Where can I go to watch the sunrise in Hainan? Recommended places to watch the sunrise in Hainan

Hainan is a seaside city. It is very necessary to go to the seaside to see the sunrise and sunset. Only the little friends who have seen the sunrise and sunset can feel their beauty. Then I don't know if you have experienced the sunrise and sunset on the sea! Go to Hainan, look for a beautiful island, watch the sunrise and sunset, and feel the natural style & hellip;

Qizi Bay

Qizi Bay is located in Changhua Town, Changjiang County, Western Hainan. It has a beautiful coastline. At the same time, it has become an inevitable choice for many tourists to watch the sunset. When you arrive at Qizi bay for the first time, you will be attracted by the unique natural coastal landscape here. The blue sea and blue sky and the sunshine are all over the golden coast. The reason why the sunset in Qizi Bay is called ecstatic sunset is precisely because the sunset is golden glass, red fire and dazzling and beautiful sunset.

Muse Lake

Besides going to the beach, there are other places to watch the sunset, such as the charming wood color lake. Although it is far away from the sea, it is close to mountains and rivers. There are natural mountains and grasslands around Muse lake. The lake is rippling with blue waves and groups of waterfowl, just like a natural picture. Whether it is the sunset or the wood colored Lake under the sunset, people can feel that this person is in the picture.

Fish scale Island

To say that Longmu Bay is known as the most beautiful sunset beach in China, yulingzhou in Dongfang City, Hainan is also famous in Hainan. Yulingzhou is not only a beautiful beach in Dongfang City, but also a lighthouse on a small stone mountain in yulingzhou is one of the famous lighthouses in Hainan; The lighthouse has also become a symbol of the Oriental City. Whenever you come to the seaside of yulingzhou, you can always feel comfortable and relieved. At the same time, you can come to the seaside of yulingzhou to watch the sunset, not only to experience the strange colors of reefs, but also the sunset, beach and lighthouse constitute a unique natural picture of yulingzhou.

West Island

Located in Sanya Bay, Sanya City, the West Island is the second largest island after Dazhou Island (Wanning City). With the reputation of 'paradise on the sea and dynamic Paradise', the West Island is the place many tourists yearn for. Although the West Island is only a small fishing village, it has a history of more than 500 years; The whole fishing village not only retains the pure living environment, but also preserves many ancient features of the fishing village. Listen to the sea, watch the tide rise and fall, and enjoy the sunset. The poetic beauty of nishima is suffocating.

Longmu Bay

If you want to watch the most beautiful sunset in Hainan, Longmu Bay may be your first choice. This is known as the most beautiful sunset beach in China. It is located in the Bay in Ledong County, Western Hainan. There are many places in Hainan where there are bays. Many fishermen who make a living by fishing for generations are bound to live in Longmu Bay. It is also located in the west of Hainan. Compared with the mountainous areas of Qiongzhong and Wuzhi Mountain, Ledong's Longmu Bay is a valuable Bay in the west of Hainan.

Hainan's unique natural environment gives Longmu Bay an interpretation of everything about beauty. The white beach, clear sea water and bright sunshine. Whenever sunset and dusk, walk on the beach of Longmu Bay and watch the dazzling sunset. The sunset in Longmu Bay is not only breathtaking, but also intoxicating.