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Why are there 15 floors of floor tiles in the Forbidden City? Really to prevent assassins?

Nowadays, there are many scenic spots in China, and various emerging scenic spots are also rising to carry out various activities to attract foreign tourists. However, there are only a few real conscience scenic spots in China, such as the West Lake, the Forbidden City, the great wall and Huangshan, which are highly praised by tourists and are very well-known scenic spots in China. However, the scenic spot Xiaobian wants to talk about today is the Forbidden City. When it comes to the Forbidden City, I believe few people in China know it. It is one of the scenic spots with the largest passenger flow in China. The average daily passenger flow can reach about 70000. Tourists almost fill the whole forbidden city. Do you know that the Forbidden City has 15 floors of floor tiles? Why?

The Forbidden City is a royal palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China, covering a total area of 720000 square meters. It is one of the largest and most complete wooden structures in the world. Its status in China is beyond doubt. However, due to the 'overload' operation of the Forbidden City all the time, many historical floor tiles have been trampled and cracked. Recently, a cracked floor tile was found in front of the Taihe hall in the Forbidden City. After moving it away, a very magical place was found.

After the maintenance personnel removed the floor tiles, they found that there was another floor tile below the floor tiles, and then there was another one below. Finally, they were surprised to find that there were 15 floors of floor tiles underground, which made many people wonder why they had to lay so many floors? The area of Taihe hall is so large that it undoubtedly takes a lot of resources to pave so many floor tiles, and it is easy to collapse to pave so many layers. If it is reinforced, just pave three or four layers. It is too exaggerated to pave 15 layers. Subsequently, many experts studied it and came to a conclusion: This is the wisdom of the ancients.

Taihe palace is one of the most important palaces in the Forbidden City. Many emperors hold banquets and discuss important matters here, so the security here is very important. The floor tiles of about 15 floors are laid underground to prevent some assassins from trying to assassinate the emperor. The Forbidden City is heavily guarded. Many walls will be built high to prevent assassins from climbing over the wall. However, some assassins are not so simple. Some of them plan to dig underground holes to sneak into the palace. Once they sneak into the crowd, they will be in trouble. There are 15 floors of floor tiles in the hall of supreme harmony. No matter how strong your martial arts are, you can't break through, so as to protect the safety of the emperor and important officials.

According to historical records, Zhu Di, the emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty, was very strict in building the Forbidden City. After the completion of the Forbidden City, he even poisoned and dumb the workers, just to prevent them from divulging the secrets of the Forbidden City, so as to ensure their own safety. It's really embarrassing to watch it. Well, what do you want to say about this? What else do you think the 15 floor tiles of Taihe hall are useful?