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How to play in Changdu, Tibet? Changdu must play scenic spots. Take it!

Most Chinese people have a dream of traveling to Tibet. There are many beautiful and characteristic scenic spots in Tibet, so that people who have been to Tibet will not regret it. So, what are the scenic spots in Changdu, Tibet?

Ranwu Lake

However, the colors of Lake Ranwu are very rich. Grassland, forest, autumn leaves, white waterfowl and colorful pebbles on the shoal of the lake are as fresh as a mirror.

Laigu glacier

It seems that in another world, the glacier emits a faint blue light, telling the infinite charm here.

Seventy two turns

Seventy two turns, also known as ninety-nine turns, is a famous' devil section 'in China. The' zigzag 'road spirals up and makes you sweat.

Gujing salt field

Gujing Yantian has a long culture and looks good.