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The only city in China without mountains is absolutely flat!

Do you guys know? There is the only city without mountains in China. For most cities, there are mountains. Even in plain areas without mountains, there will be hills with relatively low altitude. But in this city, you can't even see a small soil slope with a high point, because the highest altitude is only 7 meters, that is Yancheng, Jiangsu.

Yancheng is a prefecture level city in Jiangsu Province. It is located in the coastal area of eastern China. Because the altitude here is relatively low, the local transportation is also very convenient. It can be said that various roads and railways are crisscross. As a port city, Yancheng's economic development is also very good, and it has become one of the most popular tourist cities in the past two years.

It is in such a city, but you can't even find a mountain. It can really be called a flat river. Maybe my friends will think that there are other cities in China without mountains, but in fact, the only city without mountains is Yancheng, Jiangsu. There are many wetlands and swamps here, and the wetland resources here are very rich. It is also the habitat of migratory birds in the yellow (Bohai) sea of China.

Think about this city, it's really very special. I don't know if my friends have ever known this city? Although there are no mountains in Yancheng, it is still very popular and attracts many tourists every year.