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What time does the night climb of Huashan start? Where does the night climbing of Huashan start?

Huashan has always been known as "the most dangerous mountain in the world" and "Huashan has been a way since ancient times". Basically, every tourist to Shaanxi will choose to climb Huashan and challenge the most dangerous mountain. Of course, in addition to climbing slowly with a large number of tourists during the day, many people also like to go to Huashan to see the sunrise. At this time, they have to climb at night. So, can Huashan climb at night? Where does the night climbing of Huashan start?

Can Huashan climb at night

Huashan Mountain can be climbed 24 hours, so night climbing is allowed. Many tourists may feel that climbing Huashan Mountain during the day is boring and want to have an interesting and exciting night climbing. I don't know how dangerous the road ahead is. In addition, the hazy night is more challenging. After climbing at night, you can see the daily unique scenery of Huashan Mountain, which is also a good experience.

Where does the night climbing of Huashan start

Climbing Huashan at night is the right side of Yuquan courtyard. Go up the mountain along a road from ancient Huashan. There will be many signs along the way, all indicating walking. Then, from qianchichuang, baichi gorge to Beifeng, through canglongling to Xifeng, when you get off the West Peak, you must pass through the south peak to see the sunrise at the East peak, so you can climb to the West Peak.

Although Huashan Mountain is allowed to climb at night, it is still dangerous. It is recommended that you should be prepared. Remember not to wear tourist shoes and bring enough water, dry food and flashlight.