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What can I do for a trip to Turkey? Inventory of Turkey's most valuable items

As we all know, Turkey is a romantic and magical country. Its art is not only in museums and art galleries. Turkish people integrate this kind of art into their life and into the blood of Turks, from architecture to carpet. Turkey is constantly elaborating its unique customs, which also attracts people from all over the world to visit Turkey. What works of art in Turkey are worth buying?

1、 Turkish carpet

Marco Polo once wrote in his book: "the best and most beautiful carpet in the world can only be found in Turkey." It is said that the most creative expression of Islamic art is the carpet. Its bright colors and exquisite patterns fully reflect the essence of Islamic Art and culture, and a small carpet is a treasure.

Another important part of the creative source of Turkish carpets is business travel culture. As an important part of the ancient Silk Road, Turkey combines the characteristics of the Asian and European civilizations. The gorgeous geometric symmetrical combination pattern has the charm of the European Court, coupled with the delicate images of flowers, birds and plants with Oriental color, it is magnificent.

2、 Turkish painting

Marbling art, also known as the Turkish ebru wet Tuo painting. It is said that this ancient painting technique existed in the Turkic era, probably in the 8th-9th century. It was first used to make the texture cloth for the cover of the Koran. In the 14th century, it was brought to Anatolia via the Silk Road through Iran and spread to Turkey.

It is a kind of traditional Turkish decorative art painted on water with a special painting method. Tulip, the national flower of Turkey, is the main pattern, which has the national characteristics of Turkey. On November 27, 2014, Turkish marbling art was listed in the world intangible cultural heritage list by the United Nations.

All the one and only artists as like as two peas are aware that the works of the wet extension are not duplicable. Each is unique. Even if it is similar, absolutely no two paintings are alike. Painting on the water, even a small mistake is irreversible or changed, so artists are very careful.

When the work is finished, you will see a unique world - Color Dancing on the water, showing different colors in three different stages. The color of water painting before paper extension is different from that on paper extension and that after paper drying. It's an extraordinary and exciting experience to observe and experience the whole process.

3、 Ceramic crafts

Colored porcelain is one of the most famous works of art in Turkey. It is full of Turkish national cultural characteristics, whether it is craft color plate, or ceramic vases, tableware, wine sets and animal ornaments.

Iznik became the center of ceramic tile production in the 16th century. The ceramic tiles of Istanbul Blue Mosque and other Ottoman mosques came from Iznik.

Bright color, full of beautiful implication and three-dimensional sense of design, elaborate production & hellip& hellip; In every unique Turkish colored porcelain, you can feel the inheritance of exquisite skills and the dedication of craftsmanship, and experience the unique art and culture of Turkey.

Turkish Art is rich and colorful, which fully shows the rise and fall of many cultures and civilizations in Anatolia for thousands of years. Art is presented in every corner of Turkish streets and alleys, and also injected into the Turkish way of life. More wonderful art Turkey is waiting for you to discover!