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How to play Lugu Lake Tourism? Lugu Lake must be a tourist attraction

Lugu Lake is a lake that has never been polluted. It has beautiful scenery, lush trees, picturesque green, clear water, smooth as a mirror. You can enjoy the beauty of water and sky here. So, what are the necessary scenic spots in Lugu Lake?

Lover's Beach

It's a romantic place, right? There are two lover's beaches, one in Sichuan and one in Yunnan. The lake is under the jurisdiction of the two provinces. The lover's beach in Sichuan is located between Dazu wharf and wakua wharf, about 500 meters long. The lover's beach in Yunnan is more open.

Caohai marriage Bridge

There are many reeds growing in Caohai. At a glance, it is as boundless as the sea, so it is called Caohai. In summer, it is a green sea. In autumn and winter, it becomes a golden sea. It is said that this is the place where Mosuo men and women date. If you walk across this bridge, you can have a long and sweet love.

Many people are very interested in walking marriage when they go to Lugu Lake for the first time. In their imagination, it's very casual. Which one do you like to climb the window? In fact, it's not true. Walking marriage is actually a way for husband and wife to work in their big families during the day and get together in their small families at night.

When a wife gives birth to a child, she grows up in her own mother's home and is not raised by her father. This is because the matriarchal clan's family regards women as the priority, and most of the children do not leave their mother from childhood. Walking marriage is not as casual as the outside world imagined. Most walking couples are monogamous and have fixed objects.

Daluoshui Village

Lugu Lake is the first place to develop, with relatively perfect public facilities, convenient transportation, many inns and low prices. At the plunge dock, you can take a boar to riverby island or Rock Island. It's very busy to eat here.


Lige peninsula is the most beautiful peninsula in the bay of Lugu Lake. The island is surrounded by water on three sides and green mountains on the left and right. You must go to Lige when you go to Lugu Lake. With the popularity of Lige village increasing, there will be no peace any more.

Although the business atmosphere has become more and more strong, it's still a good choice not to come and take photos. If such a beautiful place is not developed at all, and the outside world does not know about it, I think it is reasonable to commercialize it properly.

There is a viewing platform in the Riga Peninsula, which is the best shooting place. Postcard angles are all taken here. Whether you are SLR or mobile party, you can take great photos.

Goddess Bay

Goddess Bay, facing the goddess mountain of Gemu, is the most beautiful place for Lugu Lake to see the setting sun. If you live in a nearby B & B, you can watch the beautiful scenery of the setting sun every day.

On the back of Goddess Bay, drive out from goddess bay to the main road, and then drive in from the other side. From Luowa wharf, you can take a boat to Princess island and dear inn. In short, after shooting this variety show, their home is very expensive. The house price is about 3000 a night, and the public area is also open to tourists.

Charter a car around the lake

This should be the most common way around Lugu Lake. It is highly recommended for a large number of people. A few people pack a car, and the price is very good.

There will also be time to stop taking photos, but some drivers will urge you to finish watching and the next stop in order to make more money. Before you charter a bus, you should remember to communicate well, which scenic spots you want to go to and how long you want to play, so you are not afraid of variables in the middle~

Price: there will be some changes in prices in different seasons. The main reason is to bargain flexibly. Here's a reference range for you: Chartered cars are generally ¥ 200 - ¥ 350 / car, carpooling is ¥ 80 / person. It's more cost-effective to carpool when there are fewer people.

Pig trough boat

Pig trough boat is a canoe. It is made of a thick log with two sharp ends. It is named because it looks like a long pig trough.

Price: in fact, the price of pig trough boat also fluctuates. You should be able to bargain, especially in the off-season. If you want to play for a long time, the boatman will agree. The approximate price range is 50, 80 and 100 per person, 50 of them can go boating in the middle of the lake for 40 minutes, and 80 and 100 can go to the island.