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How many of the most authentic Christmas in the world do you know?

Christmas is a more romantic festival. Most people in China spend Christmas these years, so they can live up to the joy of the year. As we all know, Christmas is the new year of western countries, so what is their Christmas like in the west? Where is the most characteristic Christmas?

Christmas fair in Dresden, Germany

Key words: birthplace, oldest, most traditional

Opening hours: November 27 - December 24

Do you know where the Christmas market originated? It originated in Germany and Austria in the middle ages. Dresden is the oldest Christmas market. It first started in 1434. After several centuries, it is said that it was originally a free market. Because most women sold preserved fruit cakes here, it was named 'Christmas preserved fruit cake market'. Now it has become the most traditional and popular Christmas market in Germany.

Christmas preserved fruit cake is the most dazzling food star in the market. According to statistics, more than 2 million tourists come to participate in Christmas every year, and everyone's focus is undoubtedly the Christmas preserved fruit cake parade. Only those produced in Dresden can be called 'Christmas preserved fruit cake'. This huge cake weighs about 4 tons and looks like a long strip The dough filled with butter and almond paste is said to be made in imitation of Jesus' swaddling appearance. It is filled with dried mango, cranberry and other dried fruits, and then sprinkled with thick white icing. It will start from zwingne palace, walk through the city surrounded by parades, and finally arrive at the Christmas Market, which will be cut into small pieces for sale to tourists.

Salzburg Christmas fair, Austria

Key words: the sound of music, Christmas song "Christmas Eve" birthplace

Opening hours: November 23 - December 26

This is Mozart's hometown, Joseph middot, where the sound of music was shot; Moore also wrote the world's most famous Christmas song "Christmas Eve" here. The Christmas market can be traced back to 1491 when it was just a flea market. After the 17th century, it gradually evolved into a Christmas market.

Surrounded by music and lights, Salzburg Cathedral exudes a fairytale like aesthetic feeling. Around the square, there are Baroque buildings, flashing lights and Christmas wreaths. Of course, delicious baked apples, roasted chestnuts, and a kind of wine with cinnamon, which can be drunk after heating, You can also hear the singing of the top student choir in Europe. The wonderful songs are rippling in the streets. It's like participating in a Christmas party in the music kingdom. Countless elves are dancing around you like dreams.

Czech Prague Christmas fair

Key words: romance, bohemian style, Czech street food

Opening hours: December 2 - January 6 of the following year

If you have read Kundera's the unbearable lightness of life, you will be familiar with Prague. It is like an innocent child guarding his fairy tale. Prague at Christmas is the most romantic season of the year. A huge Christmas tree stands on the square of the old city, and the red roof is very warm under the light of the tree.

Here, you can not only buy authentic Bohemian handicrafts, but also taste the unique Czech Mead and tatami. People usually hold a cup of hot Mead, shuttle between stalls, and hum Christmas carols while watching traditional craft performances.