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Does Sansheng stone really exist in the peach blossom of Sansheng Sanshi Shili? Specific address of

The three lives of Sansheng stone represent the previous life, the present life and the next life respectively. Many people's love begins with a sense of deja vu, and after they fall in love, people will certainly expect to predestinate Sansheng. Sansheng originated from the Buddhist theory of causality and reincarnation, and later became a symbol of lifelong emotion in Chinese history. The story of Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu begins with Sansheng stone. But in China, there are Sansheng stone in many places. Where is Sansheng stone? What are the most famous places?

1、 Sanshengshi in West Lake

Sansheng stone is located in Lingyin Temple of West Lake in Hangzhou. The legend of Sansheng stone in the temple represents the Sansheng stone of past, present and future generations. Baodai's love, the most famous love in ancient China, started from the previous life beside Sansheng stone. Sansheng stone, located at the east foot of Lianhua peak behind Fajing temple in santianzhu, Hangzhou, is one of the sixteen relics of the West Lake in the story of the West Lake written by the prodigal son of Wu Mo in the early Qing Dynasty. The stone is about thirty feet high and consists of three natural limestone blocks. It is engraved with three seal characters "Sansheng stone".

2、 Jiuxian mountain

There is also a huge Sansheng stone on Jiuxian mountain in Qufu. This Sansheng stone is located on Jiuxian mountain, 20 kilometers north of Qufu City. It is said that this mountain is the holy land of cultivation and practice of Yuanchi Xianweng, who is in charge of human fate. Altars were set up in all dynasties to burn incense. It can be seen from the existing inscriptions that in the 43rd year of Qianlong reign and the 17th year of Jiaqing reign of the Qing Dynasty, the restoration of Yuanchi cave was invested many times, and was managed by monks until the early liberation. In the southeast of Yuanchi cave, there is a huge stone standing in the sky, several meters high. It is said: "Sansheng stone". It is said that Yuanchi fairy man has insight into men and women in the world and arranged for lovers to meet.

3、 Sanqing mountain

Located on the west side of RISHANG mountain villa in Sanqing mountain, Jiangxi Province, a huge rock obliquely covers a cave. It is said that in ancient times, Dayu went to Sanqing mountain to control the water and joined hands with Jiao, the daughter of the Tushan family, to fight with yujijing, a pet rain reporter under the door of chisongzi. It is a place to rest at night. It doesn't matter whether you have an afterlife or not. What matters is who you give your love to in this life. And this stone is a witness of Dayu and Tushan's three life love stone: "love in the past life is fate, love in this life is love, and love in the next life is righteousness.".

These three famous tourist attractions are visited by an endless stream of people every year, hoping to witness their best love under the Sansheng stone. What do you think of love?