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When will Hengshan go to see the sunrise? Schedule of sunrise in Hengshan

Hengshan Mountain has always been known as "the most beautiful snow resort in southern China". You can enjoy the wonders of rime and ice hanging in the southern snow world. When you come to Hengshan Mountain, I believe everyone will want to go to the top and watch the mountain scenery! Among them, it's also very good to watch the sunrise in the sea of clouds and the strange pines on the cliff! So, when is the best time to watch the sunrise in Hengshan?

Sunrise time

January: sunrise time 6:45, sunset time 17:13;

February: sunrise time 6:25, sunset time 17:32;

March: sunrise time 6:03, sunset time 17:54;

April: sunrise time 5:39, sunset time 18:19;

May: sunrise time 5:18, sunset time 18:39;

June: sunrise time 5:07, sunset time 18:50;

July: sunrise time 5:12, sunset time 18:46;

August: sunrise time 5:29, sunset time 18:29;

September: sunrise time 5:52, sunset time 18:05;

October: sunrise time 6:16, sunset time 18:41;

November: sunrise time 6:38, sunset time 18:07;

December: sunrise time 6:50, sunset time 18:10;