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Where is the White Horse Temple in Luoyang? White Horse Temple Tourism Strategy accept it!

Baima temple in Luoyang is the origin of the development and inheritance of Chinese Buddhism. It has a history of more than 1900 years and has three dynasties. During this period, there are not only many Buddhist ceremonies and precious cultures, but also many cultural relics. Therefore, Baima temple is also known as "the first ancient temple in China", as one of the eight scenic spots in Luoyang, Baima temple has become a must for many tourists to Luoyang.

Baima temple is located in Luoyang. Luoyang has four distinct seasons and pleasant weather. It is also the place where peonies are produced. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the bright beauty of peony when you are sightseeing, I suggest you come to Luoyang in March to April. The peony in Luoyang is blooming at the right time, and the flowers will add luster to your visit. And if you don't mind, in the autumn with high wind and high air, when the Wutong yard and red maple leaf are red, it's the best time to go to the White Horse Temple.

Tour tips of Baima Temple

Baima Temple address: 310 National Road, Baima temple town, Luolong District, Luoyang City

Ticket price of Baima Temple: 50 yuan / piece, adult ticket

The opening hours of Baima temple are from 07:30 to 19:00 every day throughout the year. The opening hours of the scenic spot will be adjusted in holidays, light and peak seasons, according to the specific guidelines for the scenic spot.

Traffic guide for Baima Temple:

1. Luoyang Railway Station - Baima temple, visitors can take bus No. 56 to get off at the terminal

2. Guanlin Temple -- Baima temple, tourists can take bus 58 to the terminal station.