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Recommended place for lovers to travel

Now many people like to travel, and lovers' travel is a good time to increase their feelings. So, where should lovers travel?


In the Maldives paradise of 'blue sky and white clouds, clear water and fine sand', the most romantic thing is to enjoy a sweet holiday with only two lovers here.

When time has lost its meaning, you might as well jump into the clear water of Maldives with your lover to be a pair of happy tropical fish and swim in the paradise of the Indian Ocean.

Underwater is another paradise, a large number of colorful fish in full bloom in the shuttle living coral, dazzling. Basically, fish are not afraid of people. Fortunately, they can feel the stimulation of their fingertips.

Western Australia

Pink ocean and sky. This is Esperance in Western Australia. The pink ocean here also attracts tourists from all over the world. The pink color is more attractive to girls, and it is also a place where tourists punch in.

But the pink sea water here is not always there, so we should make a good strategy in advance, don't draw water from a basket. However, as long as I have been here once, all the words in the world can't describe the beautiful scenery. It's a fairyland in the world.


Travel is a state of blending with nature and completely forgetting oneself. It is influenced by the vastness and magnificence of nature. The continuous mountains and snow capped Himalayas have created Tibet's grand hegemony and prestige. If you go to Tibet, you must go to the Potala Palace.

The Potala Palace is a kind of belief for Tibetan people in Tibet. In the hearts of Tibetans, they feel that they have to go to Lhasa once in their life and go to the Potala Palace once. There are even Tibetans who come all the way to worship. Tibetans with Tibetan Buddhism in their hearts are all over the country. They come to the Potala Palace every year to worship.

Many tourists from other places will do the same. It doesn't mean that they have to have Buddhist belief to see it. The magnificent buildings, the changes of sunrise and sunset, and the collision of light and shadow are all worth seeing.

There is Mount Everest. If you have a chance, you must try to climb it, otherwise you will not know that there is such a magnificent paradise in the world.