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The best village in China! You need to go abroad to buy vegetables

In recent years, tourism has become more and more popular. Most people live in China and want to experience different local conditions and customs after traveling all over the country, so they choose to travel abroad. Generally speaking, people need to apply for a visa to go abroad, but there is a foreign village in China where people have to go abroad to sleep, go out to buy vegetables and even go to the toilet, even with a visa. It makes people feel that the high-end foreign style is quite helpless at the same time.

The village is located in Ruili City, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, western Yunnan Province. Ruili City is connected with Myanmar in the northwest, southwest and Southeast, and it is the only area in China under the mode of "inside the border and outside the customs". Because Ruili City is located at the border with Myanmar, and the border line passes through the village, it is called "one village, two countries". The Chinese side is called Yinjing, and the Burmese side is called mangxiu. People here can go abroad to buy vegetables every day. After all, it is very likely that they will go to Myanmar to buy vegetables in China, and the exported vegetables they buy are also very foreign.

Listen, going abroad every day may be the envy of many people, but there is also a very special resident here, which makes people feel envious and helpless at the same time. Their house is located on the border between China and Myanmar. Maybe the bedroom is in Myanmar and the kitchen is in China. The family goes abroad after going to the toilet and sleeping. They go abroad many times a day. But also have to take a visa, let people see the envy at the same time can't help but some sympathy.

The residents here are originally one. Because the national boundary is divided into two parts, they get along well with each other because of the same living customs. Many of them go to school together to enjoy education and become in laws. However, in order to avoid some embarrassing things between the two sides causing disputes, it is stipulated that no buildings can be built within 20 meters of the national boundary. This has laid a certain foundation for the harmony of the local residents. Today, the two peoples live in great harmony here. A water sprinkling festival will be held every year. With the joint participation of the two peoples, the annual water sprinkling festival will be very spectacular. The smiling faces of people from different countries also have a harmonious beauty to outsiders. In order to make it convenient for Chinese people on both sides to enter and leave at will, relevant departments also issued passes to people in local villages. People with a pass can walk around at will, and tourists without a pass can't go abroad at will.

In addition, the people of the village are also committed to the development of tourism and other sidelines. All kinds of restaurants, clothing stores and antique shops were gradually opened. Nowadays, most of the people who punch in here are looking at the wells along the border. After all, Qingliu, who feeds the two countries, is a benefactor. After watching, tourists can also find some souvenirs, clothes and even emeralds to bring back to China. Small and exquisite things will also add some good memories to the perfect journey.

After listening to so much, I don't know if the friends in front of the screen envy the residents of the village. After all, they can go abroad at will without paying for air tickets, and they can walk in the forefront of foreign style anytime and anywhere.