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Is Dubai really full of gold? In fact, many people are wrong!

Many people say that Dubai is a place full of gold. When everyone thinks so, what do you think? I tell you from my own experience that many of the things we originally thought were not like that. Nevertheless, Dubai is still a great place to visit.

Dubai is one of the global international financial centers. It has become a bridge between the eastern and western capital markets, as well as an important logistics, trade, transportation, tourism and shopping center.

It has the world's first seven star hotel (sailing Hotel), the world's highest skyscraper (halifahta), the world's largest shopping center, the world's largest indoor ski resort, etc. it has attracted the attention of the whole world with its active real estate, events, talks and other characteristics close to World Records. The 2020 World Expo will be held here.

Relying on its superior geographical position, Dubai has implemented a free and stable economic policy, vigorously developed non oil industries such as entrepot trade, real estate and tourism, and also focused on the development of modern high-tech industries. It has built a series of modern supporting infrastructure. Dubai is astonishing the world with its rapid development speed. Advanced planning and pragmatic Endeavor have become an important factor for Dubai to create a development miracle.

There are not only high-rise buildings here, but also deserts and oceans. The Liwa desert we went to is one of the largest continuous deserts in the world and the least disturbed by human traces, with rolling magnificent sand dunes. Always thought that the desert is yellow, just like once thought that the sea has only one kind of blue. I have been to Maldives before I know that there are so many kinds of blue in the sea. Come to Liwa desert, you will find that the desert is so colorful.

Under different light, time and angle, the desert will show completely different colors. Rich in various minerals, it also makes the sand dunes more beautiful. Yellow, white, brown, red and even pink sand dunes have appeared in a few days of travel. No wonder some people say that the Liwa desert is the sexiest desert in the world.

This desert, known as empty quarter, is located on the border between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It has been unknown to the outside world for hundreds of years and is low-key and mysterious. If you look at the history of the United Arab Emirates, you will be surprised to find that the Sheikh family actually came from the Liwa desert. Their ancestors rose up in this desert and gradually developed into one of the most prominent families in the world.

On the edge of the desert, there are still some primitive residents. Tonight, we will have dinner here, sing and dance with the Arab people, and spend this wonderful holiday.

Up to now, the Sheikh family is still the owner of the second largest desert in the world. Although the discovery of oil has changed the world and certainly Dubai, the sheikhs still try their best to keep the Liwa desert as it is, just as they keep their beliefs and traditions.

The next day, we went to Dubai's new landmark, the Dubai box. Built in 2013, the Dubai frame is about 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. The most amazing thing is that all of its appearance is covered with gold, with a total cost of 160 million dirhams (about 300 million yuan).

Dubai has a lot of landmark buildings, from the earliest sailing hotel to the present Khalifa tower, Princess tower and so on. However, a new landmark was born. In April 2017, the 50 story gold photo frame was completed and became a new member of Dubai's luxury building complex. Here you can see the whole Dubai City, the new city on one side and the old city on the other: you can see the past and future of the whole Dubai.

Dubai, as well as Dera, which crosses the Dubai River (when it was independent), is an important trading port for western manufacturers.

When I write here, I feel a little excited, as if I was still a backpacker. At that time, I was still a young student. Although I entered the society not long ago, I feel as if time has passed for a long time. This time I travel with a group of young friends, and I feel that I am much younger.

I finally saw the yacht hotel.

The yacht hotel, formerly known as the Arabian Tower Hotel, is also known as Dubai yacht hotel because it looks like a sail. The hotel is built on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf 280 meters away from the beach. Only a curved road connects the land, with a total of 56 floors and 321 meters high. The top of the hotel is equipped with a cantilever beam structure apron protruding from the edge of the building.

Arabian tower hotel has 202 suites, which are all duplex. The smallest room is 170 square meters, and the largest is 780 square meters of Royal presidential suite. The smallest room costs US $1500 (9312.9 RMB) per day, while the Royal presidential suite costs US $20000 (12417200 RMB) per day. Therefore, the Arabian tower hotel has become the most luxurious hotel in the world, known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf.

There is a rumor that people begging in Dubai earn 300000 a month. But what I want to tell you is that it's illegal for him to beg in Dubai, so it's absolutely a rumor.

Of course, even so, this is a very happy country.

Apart from beautiful scenery, half ocean and half desert, and excellent urban construction, Dubai's oil reserves are more than 10% to 20% less than Abu Dhabi's. The government of Dubai does not want to rely on the small oil reserves, so it is committed to diversifying its economy, vigorously developing commerce and stimulating corporate activities, so as to increase the source of fiscal revenue.

Dubai's economy has changed from oil dependence to service and tourism industry, which has led to the appreciation of Dubai's real estate and the rapid growth of construction industry. With the construction of Dubai paradise and other theme parks, resorts, sports venues and other tourism infrastructure, the tourism industry has also developed rapidly.

Today, Dubai is not only an important tourist attraction and port (jeberali artificial port, the world's largest artificial port since 1970s), but also an important industrial town of information technology and finance, and will have the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

Emirates international, founded in Dubai in 1985, is located at Dubai International Airport, carrying 12 million passengers in 2005. Dubai airport is one of the most important air transit stations in the Middle East, and the oil economy accounts for only a small part of Dubai's economy.

As a transit hub of economic transportation in Europe, Africa and India in Asia, Dubai holds numerous international large-scale exhibitions, expositions, investment promotion meetings, etc. every year. The value brought by these business opportunities is also very high.

The ruler Sheikh is eager to show the super modernization of the city by skyscrapers. Since 2000, the Dubai government has started large-scale construction and planning, which not only promotes the popularity of real estate in Dubai, but also makes Dubai one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

This is the tallest building in the world, the tower of Dubai, also known as the Khalifa tower. This time, we went up!

The elevator is a ThyssenKrupp Elevator, which is known as Rolls Royce in the elevator. It's very cool. It only takes 48S to get on the viewing platform.

Khalifa tower is 828 meters high, with 162 floors, and the cost is 1.5 billion US dollars. The construction cost of the building itself is at least 1 billion US dollars, not including the construction cost of its internal shopping mall, lake and lower tower group.

Khalifa tower was built in 2004, local time on the evening of January 4, 2010, Dubai chief Muhammad & middot; Ben & middot; Rashid & middot; Al Maktoum unveiled the curtain on the monument to the tower of Dubai, known as the world's tallest building, announcing the official completion of the building, and renamed it the Khalifa tower.

​ In 2002, the UAE amended its legislation to allow non UAE nationals to own real estate in Dubai. Permanent ownership of real estate in some urban areas and 99 year long-term lease rights in some urban areas are allowed to be sold to foreigners. A large number of immigrants from various countries immigrated to Dubai, bringing huge capital and stimulating local economic development. It is estimated that the immigrants from Iran alone invested more than 200 billion US dollars in Dubai.

Yes, it's really a crazy place, although some things are different from what we used to know. As for the journey, some statements are credible, some statements need to be measured by our own feet; Life is the same, isn't it?