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Don't go to the ancient Guanyin temple to enjoy ginkgo in Xi'an. In fact, ginkgo leaves in these pla

When it comes to enjoying ginkgo, the first thing you think of is the ancient Guanyin temple. In fact, in addition to the ancient Guanyin temple, there are many places where people can enjoy ginkgo in Xi'an, which are quite good. At this time, you might as well take advantage of the weekend to travel!

Tang Paradise

We all know that the night scenery of Furong garden is beautiful, but in this beautiful Tang Dynasty theme park, there are two Ginkgo biloba forests on the East and west sides of Ziyun building, which is full of charm in autumn.

Full of autumn yellow and ancient buildings echo each other, the vicissitudes of history and thick let people more ponder.

The yellow leaves of Ginkgo biloba all over the trees are penetrating and amazing, and the leaves of Ginkgo biloba fall quietly, either warmly or poetically, to give people the warmth when winter comes.

Admission: 90 yuan

Address: No.99 Furong West Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Louguan Zongsheng Palace

Zongsheng palace is back to Zhongnan mountain, with quiet environment and lush flowers and trees. In such a scenic spot of Zhongnan, there is a ginkgo tree planted by Laozi 2500 years ago. The ancient ginkgo trees are full of thousands of years of wind, frost, snow and rain, and record the vicissitudes of life here.

At the beginning of winter every year, the ancient ginkgo gradually takes off its green coat and emerges a yellowing skirt, which is reflected in the winter sunshine. It looks graceful on the branches with the most elegant posture.

The straight trunk is covered with flourishing yellow leaves, a bright. Under the trees lie pieces of golden Ginkgo biloba, green and yellow, showing the taste of early winter, has become the most unique autumn Louguan.

Standing under the group photo wall in front of the mangrove tree, take a picture with the ginkgo tree whose shape is similar to the map of China.

Admission: Free

Address: Zongsheng palace, louguandao Cultural District, Qujiang, Zhouzhi, Shaanxi

Hanyang Mausoleum

Hanyang mausoleum is the most beautiful time of ginkgo forest in early November every year. At this time, the autumn color of Hanyang mausoleum is charming. Hundreds of acres of ginkgo forest are covered with yellow. At a glance, it looks like a 'Imperial City'.

The ginkgo forest in Hanyangling has been planted for more than 10 years, covering an area of about 100 mu, with tens of thousands of ginkgo trees. The autumn wind is blowing, and geese are flying south. Ginkgo started the most gorgeous chapter of the year.

From the mountains to the plains, all layers of forest are dyed. After a gust of wind, pieces of fallen leaves are flying, and a golden carpet is spread under the trees.

Admission: 90 yuan from March to November, 65 yuan from January to December

Address: Zhangjiawan, Zhengyang Town, Weicheng District, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province

Tang Da Ci'en Temple Ruins Park

The former Chunxiao garden in Qujiang was renamed Tang Da Ci'en Temple Ruins Park after art orientation and transformation. The park got its name because it was located on the site of Ci'en Temple Hall in Tang Dynasty.

In the park, more than 100 tall and beautiful ginkgo trees make time still here.

When you are in Ci'en Temple, you can feel the deep Zen in both rainy and sunny days, and find the rare peace to escape from the downtown.

In the north of Ci'en Temple is the big wild goose pagoda. How can we not go to Xi'an to see the elegant demeanour of the big wild goose pagoda?

Admission: Ginkgo free, wild goose pagoda climbing: 30 yuan

Address: No.1, New 1st row, taipingbao, Yanta District, Xi'an City

Ginkgo with the most golden color, pay homage to early winter. You might as well have a half day's leisure, choose a sunny day, choose a place, seize the time to enjoy the millennium old ginkgo, freeze the most beautiful moment, after all, you have to wait another year!