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The world's most breathtaking extreme sports tourists jump directly from the 15 meter waterfall

The Philippines has always been known as a country of islands, and many people visit this place every year. In addition to diving, there is also an extreme sport that is not well known to the public. It is mainly carried out in badian town in the south of Cebu in the Philippines, where there are the most beautiful Kawa mountain waterfalls. Valley diving is a sport of walking, climbing, jumping and swimming in the dense forest. Its core is to jump down the cliff and waterfall. Many Chinese tourists come to Cebu for the first time to experience this project. They think it's inconceivable that they have to jump when they see cliffs and waterfalls. Isn't it dangerous? Can you do it yourself?

I also have such worries, but curiosity still let me into the forest. It's so beautiful here. The gorges and blue-green lakes in different shapes retain the most original natural scenery and look so leisurely and quiet. But as soon as you enter the kawasan waterfall group, you get nervous and your heart beats faster, because there is no way back here.

It takes about six hours from the beginning of the project to the end of the project. This is our team for this trip. According to the requirements of the scenic spot, we all wear helmets, life jackets and tracing shoes. We are going to jump the waterfall soon. Many people like me are really bottomless.

However, you don't have to worry too much, because there will be professional coaches to explain various precautions and requirements for the experiencer, including whether the water depth under the waterfall is suitable for jumping in. Professional coaches are also experienced.

The fall of the waterfall here ranges from three or two meters to more than ten meters. It should be said that the fall is bigger and bigger, so the test for everyone is also higher and higher.

The first time I stood on a high stone and jumped into the river, my heart beat fast. Then, everyone jumped down one by one just like dumplings. Everyone screamed when they jumped down. Fortunately, with a little bit of adaptation from low to high and the control of jumping skills, plus everyone cheering each other, they are more and more adapted. Finally, we are more and more daring, more and more skilled technology, direct call fun!

The meaning of travel is to meet the unknown field, challenge yourself, Philippine Valley diving, dare you? Graphic original, welcome to pay attention to street lighting photography, every day for you to share the journey scenery.