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Take the list of the best things to buy in Malaysia!

Malaysia is a famous tourist destination in the world. Many couples visit this place every year. Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. In addition to its unique cultural landscape, Malaysia is also a shopping paradise. What are the specialties of Malaysia? What is worth buying in Malaysia?

Malaysian specialty

Gold jewelry

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a good place to buy gold jewelry. Malaysia's gold is of high purity, fashionable design, and the most important thing is the affordable price.

Tin products

Malaysia is a major tin producer in the world, and its tin products are well known in the world. Tin is of good quality and is a valuable monument. Tin products have also become the most famous handmade products in Malaysia. One of the most famous is the Royal Selangor brand. Tin cup or tea pot has excellent heat preservation and preservation performance.

white coffee

White coffee is a very famous Malaysian specialty. White coffee doesn't mean the color of coffee is white. It is made from special coffee beans and special skim milk flavors, baked at moderate and low temperature, and refined by special techniques. White coffee retains the original color and aroma, elegant and soft color, mellow aroma. Light yellow milk, pure taste.

Ugly chocolate

Malaysia ugly chocolate is actually tiramisu taste, because it is olive shaped, covered with a thick layer of cocoa powder, looks ugly, so people call it ugly. Friends who like chocolate shouldn't miss it. Children should like it very much.

Durian from Maoshan

Why is it called 'Cat Mountain King'? Malaysian people send the intact durian, which has fallen from the tree to the ground but has not split, to the cage of 'Maoshan', which can smell and distinguish the good from the bad. If Maoshan smells exciting, durian is the best king of Maoshan.

Durian is usually small in size, otherwise it will break when it falls from a mature tree. Durian is the king of Maoshan. Its civet will go crazy after hearing it. Durian's mature period is very short. Malaysians usually pick it up in durian orchards on the same day, identify it and eat it.

Durian is known as the 'King of fruit' of Malaysia as the crown The king of Maoshan is just like ginger. It tastes sweet and the meat is creamy. It is tender, smooth and delicate. It is almost perfect in appearance, color and meat quality.

Happy friends who like to eat durian! With its natural and unique geographical and climatic environment, Malaysia produces the most authentic and primitive durian, the king of fruits. Durian in Malaysia will let you really experience the king's highest taste of fruit, but it is not suitable to eat more because it is a tropical fruit.

But if you want to bring it back, you'd better register. In fact, Bian Xiao wants to say that durian is not easy to preserve. I suggest you eat more durian. If you really like Maoshan King's durian Malaysia, you can consider living in Malaysia

Niangya food

Niangya originally refers to the descendants of Chinese and Malays, especially women, and then evolved into a culture of integration of Chinese and Malays. This also includes food, so many new year's Eve meals can be eaten in Malaysia, such as sweet sauce pig's feet, fried pork slices, bamboo shoots stew, etc. Dessert lovers can also find intimate friends in Niang Caijia. Nianggaojia, made of coconut milk, vanilla leaves, glutinous rice and sugar, is moderately sweet and chewy.

Qianli Zhuifeng oil

Li Qian chase wind oil is famous in Malaysia. The drug is precious, accurate in composition, quick in effect, pure and fragrant, does not pollute clothes, penetrates human cells and tissues, promotes human blood circulation, dispels diseases and relieves pain, and quickly recovers health. It has no harmful stimulation in the treatment of various diseases in internal medicine and surgery, and has great efficacy in disease prevention and safety. In real life, it has always been a magic and special medicine for peace keeping.


Bati wax dyed cloth is rich in design and color in Malaysia. Making badib is a very special process. First, wax is used as base material, then dyed, dried and designed, and then cloth is boiled. This process is repeated over and over again. Badi cloth can be made into clothing, tablecloth, curtain, handbag, picture, hat, etc. The woman with good figure might as well buy a skirt, feeling fresh and affordable.


Malaysia is rich in orchids. When it comes to perfume, 'orchid' perfume is superior in quality to French perfume, but it is much cheaper than French perfume.

Sabah black tea

Sabah black tea is not as famous as the four black teas in the world, but it also has its unique flavor. Sabah black tea is delicate and dark red, and the soaked soup is amber and bright red. It's the cheapest to buy black tea in Kota Kinabalu supermarket and local market. There are all kinds of packing, and the price is not expensive.

Vincci shoes

Vincci is the household name of Malaysia Fashion affordable shoe bag. Because Malaysia is summer all the year round, Vincci sandals are not only beautiful and fashionable in style, but also very good in workmanship, and the price is much cheaper than the shoe bags of the same quality in China. The main shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur basically have counters.