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Where is the best place to play alone? These places are good!

I believe everyone has such a dream. One day, they will carry their bags, travel and see the beautiful scenery of the world. When you travel alone, you will be alone, but you can do anything. Don't care about other people's opinions, you just need to pay attention to your own happiness, anger and sadness, and understand that your happiness is the most important. So, where is the best place for a person to travel?

Go to Xiamen in a daze&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;

Everyone who loves to travel has Xiamen in the list. It's a city, ancient temples, old buildings, the sea, the beach, riding a bicycle to feel the sea breeze. It's a place to empty yourself.

A place with warmth, softness, tranquility and lightness, flowers around the corner, coffee, wine and delicious food without knowing the taste, life is full of surprises. Every small and fresh shop has its own name and story. All you have to do is to choose one that closes your eyes, then read a book, daze and waste an afternoon.

Go to Guizhou for a cool

Guizhou, as the only selected region in China, is honored to be on the list

Because of the high mountains and deep valleys and the inconvenient transportation, there is less noise from tourists and the best preservation of its own customs and culture. However, the beauty of Guizhou has always been seriously underestimated, especially Libo, which is known as the Emerald on the belt of the earth.

Even in the hot summer, the temperature is only 25 ℃. The water of seven holes is blue, and the trees of Maolan are green. A handful of water is refreshing. Every vast peak forest is the most charming existence.

Finally, I went to Suzhou to feel poetic

If you want to find a city and feel the misty rain of Jiangnan, go to Suzhou! It's the best place to see the scenery alone.