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Go to Thailand Samui must punch scenic spot summary

In recent years, many people like to travel to Thailand. Of course, the most fun part of Thailand's tourism belongs to the island, and Thailand's Sumi island is one of the tourist attractions in Thailand. The biggest scenic spot of Sumi island is the beach. The beach here is very broad, the sea is blue and clean, and there are many fish and corals on the bottom of the sea. It is also a diving resort. So, what are the scenic spots in Sumei island?

Grandfather and grandmother stone

Grand mother and grand father rocks (hinyai / hinta), located in the south of ramai beach, is composed of two strange rocks, whose shapes are similar to the reproductive organs of men and women. Grandfather Shi Zhizhi stands on the rock, grandmother Shi Zeyuan is more than 100 meters away, hidden in the rough sea, only in the ebb tide can clearly see. In addition, it is also a place where tourists like to sunbathe.

Chawun Beach

Chawengbach, located on the east coast of Sumi Island, is a seven kilometer long crescent beach. It is also the longest, busiest and most famous beach on Sumi island. It is occupied by various hotels and resorts. Along the beach road, there are many high-grade hotels, resorts, restaurants, diving schools, bars of different styles and shopping centers. It is the distribution center of tourists and the center of nightlife. The soft white sand beach on the beach and the green sea are beautiful. Abundant water recreation facilities can be seen everywhere.

Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach, located on the east coast of Koh Samui, is only two kilometers long and is one of the favorite beaches for tourists. The sea water here is transparent and pure, close to the coconut forest and banana garden, the surrounding environment is relatively quiet, with a primitive flavor. In the evening, bars, restaurants and entertainment places are bustling. There is also a museum, a market, some fitness centers and diving shops. The famous grandparents stone is located here.

Tao Island (Turtle Island)

Kotao is a famous diving and snorkeling resort in Thailand. It looks like a turtle, so it is also called Turtle Island. With an area of only 21 square kilometers, it has excellent sea water visibility, lush and beautiful corals and rich marine life, providing an excellent diving environment. The price of snorkeling is about 800 THB / time, and about 5500 THB for ten times. The four-day professional diving certificate course costs about 8000 baht.

Bo Phut

Bophut beach, located in the north of Sumi Island, west of the big Buddha Beach, is two kilometers long, with beautiful scenery, clear water and white sand. It's the best place to enjoy the sunset and the oldest settlement on the island. It used to be a small fishing village. To the west is Mae Nam, which ends with a series of small bays made of huge rocks. It is an ideal place for snorkeling with few tourists.

Big Buddha

Big buddhabeach is located near the airport on the north coast of Sumi island. The sea is warm and sunny. It is suitable for swimming and playing. There is a 12 meter high statue of Buddha on a small island beside it. It is a sea landmark of Sumi island and a part of paya temple. The Buddha Beach is also named after it. In addition, the Great Buddha Beach is also the traffic center of the island, and the airport is nearby. It is also the traffic center of the island, and the airport is nearby,

Animal show

Located on the side of highway 4169, not far from huataneng beach, there are wonderful performances of elephants, monkeys, snakes, cockfighting and Thai folk dance.

crocodile farm

Samui crocodile farm is located near the airport in the northeast of Sumi island. On the farm, you can watch the traditional Thai crocodile training performance. There are two performances every day, 14:00 and 16:30.

Butterfly Garden

Butterflyfarm is located near Bang Kao beach in the southwest corner of Sumi island. There is a butterfly park and some butterfly and insect specimens display in the park. There are more than 30 kinds of butterflies. The best time to watch butterflies is from December to March.

Naman and shinla falls

Namuang and Hin lat waterfall, located at the end of road 4172 on the west coast, is the most famous and spectacular of several waterfalls in Sumei island. During the rainy season, countless Bailian are flying down with great momentum.

Paya Temple

Big buddhatemple (watphra Yai) is a famous landmark and scenic spot on Sumi Island, located on an island beside the big Buddha Beach. There is a 12 meter high Golden Buddha statue in the temple, which is magnificent. In addition to the Golden Buddha, there are statues and sculptures with the theme of fairy tales in the temple. Around the temple is a market, selling some shell handicrafts.

Chamo Beach

It is a paradise for honeymoon partners and lovers. It is located on the north coast of the island, with a long and narrow entrance, clear water, beautiful scenery, quiet and romantic.

Antong National Park

The total area is about 120 square kilometers, and the land area is only 50 square kilometers. It is composed of 42 islands of different sizes, mainly including woniu Island, Cimu island and so on. The scenery here is as beautiful as a dream. There are many limestone caves and coral reef islands. There are colorful tropical fish groups everywhere, which retain more natural and simple atmosphere.