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How about a trip to Suzhou in winter? The best way to wear in Suzhou all year round

Suzhou is a famous water town in the south of the Yangtze River in China. It has always been known as "paradise on the top, Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom". Every year, it attracts many tourists to come here. So, what's the best season to visit Suzhou? The best time in Suzhou? What should I wear for a trip to Suzhou? Can I go to Suzhou in winter?

What's the best season to visit Suzhou

In fact, Suzhou is a city suitable for tourism all the year round. If you have to choose a season, spring is recommended. It can be regarded as the golden tourism festival in Suzhou, and it is also the most green season in Suzhou. In the blue sky and clear water of Suzhou, every flower and leaf is blooming warmly. When you come to Suzhou this season, you can appreciate the beauty and charm of Suzhou's flowing water.

Whether it's the brilliant spring or the lingering spring rain, all things in more than 100 gardens are revived and full of vitality. You can enjoy the natural scenery of peach blossom and willow green. Fresh peaches, Biluochun, sugar lotus root, red bayberry, loquat, hairy crabs and pickled Duxian come on the market in turn, which is enough for you to enjoy your eyes and mouth.

In fact, Suzhou is very beautiful in winter. Although the scenery is depressed, it has a different taste. In winter, you can go to Hanshan Temple to listen to the bell on New Year's Eve, which is also an experience.

Dressing Guide

Spring (March to May) and autumn (October to November): Suzhou early spring is still chilly in March, with strong spring wind and sometimes overcast rain. It is necessary to thicken the sweater and coat. For the rest of the time, long sleeves and a coat are enough to cope, and a thin sweater can be prepared for fear of the cold.

Summer (June to September): Suzhou is sultry in summer. You must carry sunscreen and wear comfortable clothes, otherwise it is hard to dry. The rainy season is from mid June to early July. Don't forget to bring rain gear when you travel.

Winter (December - February): it's cold and wet in winter. Down jacket and sweater are essential. You can also bring some warm stickers to avoid cold and wet.