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Can I go to Wanlong ski resort now? Wanlong ski resort opening time and play strategy to accept it!

Recently, it's a good time to play in the snow. Many people's ski resorts have already started. Wanlong ski resort has set a new year's start time. This year, from November, the ski resort will officially open to the public. On November 2, the opening ceremony of Wanlong ski resort was held. The opening time should be the first ski resort in this year. What will be the price of ski tickets in 2019-2020?

Opening time of Wanlong ski resort in Chongli District

Specific time: November 2, 2019

Content of the day of opening: the person in charge said that during the snow season of 2019-2020, while the hardware facilities of the ski resort are constantly improved, efforts will be made to improve the overall service level, focus on the safety issues of skiing, and strive to provide a wonderful skiing feast for the majority of snow friends. In order to prepare for the upcoming major well-known events. Other ski resorts will also hold the opening ceremony one after another, and will open more snowways according to the weather conditions.

Instructions and precautions for yunlongtong slide ticket

1. The ticket can be exchanged at Wanlong ski resort or Yunding ski resort. It is recommended to buy Wanlong admission ticket, because Wanlong is about 10 km away from Chongli county and Yunding is about 27 km away.

2. The connecting road between Wanlong and Yunding is located between Wanlong zhonghualong snow road and Yunding 6B Lavender snow road. You can go back and forth between Wanlong and Yunding by connecting the two snow roads. If you don't know the specific location, you can follow the sign at the top of the mountain or consult the staff.

3. If you don't have a through ski pass but go to another ski resort, you need to buy a cable car ticket or one-time sightseeing ticket for that ski resort, and then go back to the top of the mountain.

4. The operation time of Wanlong cable car is 8:30-16:30, and that of Yunding cable car is 8:45-16:30. Please pay attention to the operation time of cable car. If you miss the last cable car and cannot return to the ticket issuing ski resort due to special circumstances, please contact the customer service of the ski resort to help you return to the ticket issuing ski resort.

5. Yunlongtong slide ticket can pass through any gate in Wanlong, and there is exclusive gate channel in Yunding. Please pay attention in advance when you queue up in the cable car.

6. Both Wanlong and Yunding have the policy of free skiing for children under 1.5 meters. You can apply for it in the ticket center. However, due to the different ways of passing through the gate, if you want to take your children to Yunlong, you need to apply for a free ticket again in the ticket center of both sides. In addition, Wanlong has free skiing for people over 65 years old and free skiing for college students. At present, the preferential policies for these two groups have not been opened.