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The Millennium Phoenix bodhi tree suddenly revealed that the five fingers of the Buddha's hand are c

The scenery of Yunnan is very beautiful. Many people visit this place every year. In Shangri La scenic area, there is a phoenix bodhi tree. This bodhi tree is very famous. Both tourists and residents respect it. Many Buddhists even want to come here to have a look at it, So what's the magic about this tree?

It is said in Buddhism that the Buddha became the Buddha after he realized the Tao under the bodhi tree. So the local people associate this' hand 'with the Buddha, and call it' Buddha's hand ', and many eminent monks will come to this place to worship. In addition, in the eyes of the local people, this millennium bodhi tree also has the magic power of Attracting Wealth, also known as the money grabber.

The old man in the village said that the thousand year old Bodhi miraculously grew a Buddha's left hand on the tree trunk in a short night a few years ago. Later, the Buddha's hand was honored by the believers who came to pay homage to it as a divine hand to heal pain and suffering.

However, some experts have found that the reason why this bodhi tree grows Bergamot is very simple. It is only because the living environment is too bad that it tries its best to let its roots grasp the rock wall. Gradually, this kind of root system similar to Bergamot grows. Because this kind of root system is too rare, it is regarded as a miracle by people.