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The most worthwhile hot spring resorts around Chongqing

Winter is coming soon. Taking a bath in hot spring in cold winter will not only bring warmth to the body, but also benefit the body regularly. So, what are the good places for hot springs in Chongqing? Do you know which hot spring resorts to visit around Chongqing!

Chongqing surrounding hot spring resort where good

Ronghui hot spring scenic spot

Chongqing Ronghui hot spring scenic spot has many different hot spring pools. There are many kinds of hot springs, such as traditional Chinese medicine hot spring, essential oil hot spring and fish therapy pool. You can soak them to your heart's content. It's a large-scale hot spring resort integrating leisure, catering, tourism, entertainment and sports. It's good to bring your family to health and relax on weekends.

Hailan Yuntian Hot Spring Resort

Hailan Yuntian hot spring resort in Chongqing is located in Jinfeng Town, Jiulongpo District. This hot spring resort has many large-scale open-air pools, hot spring rooms, large and small pools, etc. it has beautiful scenery and elegant environment. It is a hot spring health preservation place. Tourists can enjoy themselves in it, and it is a good place for leisure and entertainment.

Dazu longshuihu Hot Spring Resort

It's a resort for sightseeing, recuperation and leisure. The resort is composed of a hot spring center, a large theme water park and a hot spring pool area. It's also very good to bring children here. The children's play area is absolutely enjoyed by children. It takes children's sense of experience into consideration. There are also many hot springs with various functions, just to provide consumers with a rich and diverse experience, Also committed to creating a world-class hot spring resort.

Haitang Xiaoyue health spring

Haitangxiaoyue health spring is located in haitangxi, Nanping East Road, Nan'an District, Chongqing. It has 52 natural hot spring pools. The resort has hot spring spa experience area, cave hot spring characteristic health care area, gorgeous hot spring view area and so on. It is a weekend resort.